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Oracle Customer Success — Nico International

Nico International

Nico International Increases Sales Engineer Productivity by 30% with a Single Source of Customer and Sales Information in the Cloud


We like the extreme user friendliness of Oracle Fusion applications, the cost effectiveness and cross-platform accessibility of Oracle Sales Cloud, and the ease of integration with our Oracle ERP. With Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence, we empowered our sales engineers to sell better and more, we gained real-time visibility into the progress of each opportunity, and we are able to report on numerous sales performance indicators—historical, current, and forecasted—to make better informed decisions. With this deployment we have significantly boosted our competitiveness in the global marine and industrial engineering sector.

— Vinod Nambiar, Financial Controller, Nico International

Nico International is a premier marine and industrial engineering company operating in the Arabian Gulf for more than 40 years. With a wealth of expertise, experience, and resources, Nico International provides a global customer base of marine and industrial clients with a wide array of repair, maintenance, and engineering and construction solutions—including riding squads, afloat repairs, and dry-docking services; engine repairs and component reconditioning; plant maintenance, refurbishment, and shutdown; and underwater recovery and salvage. Services are carried out either on board, on site, or in one of the company’s repair centers located across the United Arab Emirates. Nico International’s operation is supported by a comprehensive management system based on ISO 9001, ISO 14000, and OHSAS 18000.
  • Strengthen opportunity lifecycle management—from customer contact and lead generation to quote and order—over a large portfolio of marine and industrial maintenance services such as afloat repairs and dry-docking services
  • Establish a single source of customer and sales information, by consolidating sales data spread across Excel files and customer data stored in email clients into a centralized customer relationship management (CRM) system accessible from anywhere and at anytime
  • Increase productivity of selling marine and industrial engineering and construction services to a global client base by enabling sales engineers to retrieve and enter information on the go, while providing sales managers and board executives with real-time visibility into activities and pipeline
  • Deliver comprehensive yet easy-to-understand sales reports and analytics—for example covering sales representative performance, frequently requested services, contract win or loss reasons, and customer profitability—to make better informed decisions, improve sales methodology, and drive revenue and profit
  • Transform unstructured sales forecasting processes based on estimates into structured forecasting based on hard data relating to opportunity progress, such as quotes in preparation and quotes sent for customer approval
  • Increased sales engineers’ and estimators’ productivity by an estimated 30% since Oracle Sales Cloud go-live, generating nearly 700 quotes per month for global marine and industrial customers—from engine repairs and component reconditioning to industrial plant maintenance, refurbishment, and shutdown—while establishing a single source of trustworthy sales data
  • Increased sales efficiency by automating sales processes, such as sending follow-up emails to prospects or reminding sales engineers of pending activities, thus strengthening lead management across the company’s marine and industrial engineering services portfolio, while ensuring that each quote is followed up on time and is swiftly either converted into a job order or closed
  • Empowered sales representatives with Oracle Sales Cloud thanks to anytime, anywhere read-and-write access to contacts, appointments, emails, and sales tools across platforms—ensuring that sales information is always up to date and that managers can make informed decisions based on structured, quantifiable data
  • Used Oracle Sales Cloud’s interactive dashboards with drilldown capabilities to deliver immediate insight into opportunity progress, enabling better opportunity lifecycle monitoring and driving continuous improvement of sales processes
  • Introduced structured sales forecasting based on opportunity progress, which can be broken down by sales representative, regions, and services—providing sales representatives, managers, and executives at all times with accurate sales pipeline figures across the entire marine and industrial engineering services portfolio
  • Enabled powerful sales data mining and detailed sales performance monitoring by using Oracle Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence’s comprehensive out-of-the-box analytics on current, historical, and forecasted sales data, such as lead to conversion ratios, weekly sales pipeline statistics, quotes by estimated revenue or estimated materials and labor, and tenders won per sales engineer and region
  • Gained the ability to easily identify secured revenue—categorized according to sales engineers, customers, services, and regions—and to predict targeted revenue with precision over six months, driving sales staff to focus on closing business while continuously increasing forecasting accuracy
  • Introduced detailed analytics for each customer and prospect, including reasons for contract win or loss—for example, a more economical bid or specialized service offering from competitors—making it easier to take corrective actions for future bids and increase competitiveness
  • Shortened time needed for user adoption thanks to Oracle Sales Cloud’s intuitive and comprehensive user interface, and enabled sales engineers, estimators, controllers, and managers to enter, retrieve, and analyze sales information in a customized format

About Nico International


Dubai, United Arab Emirates




Nico International worked with Oracle Partner Evosys to ensure successful deployment and fast adoption of Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence. Evosys prepared the project through several on-site visits to fully understand the add-ons desired by the different user groups.

“We wanted all users—sales engineers, estimators, controllers, and managers—to enjoy using the system and experience the real beauty of it from the beginning. So we asked Evosys to enable us to follow the lifecycle of an opportunity in our own business language, the one we use in our regular activities,” said Vinod Nambiar, Financial Controller at Nico International.

Evosys customized the solution by adding a number of supplementary fields to match Nico International’s requirements, deployed the solution for 10 users, and helped with migrating the Excel-based sales data and JDE-based customer data to ensure a single source of reliable sales and customer relationship information in Oracle Sales Cloud.

The deployment was accomplished in seven weeks, within budget.
Published:  Sep 24, 2015