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Oracle CX for Public Sector

Digitally empower your constituents to improve your organization’s mission performance. Provide agile and efficient services and assistance to residents in their moments of need, while activating your community with personalized outreach and education. Through a combination of self-service, automation, remote work orchestration, advanced case management, guided assistants, and smart knowledge creation and sharing, Oracle has developed solutions to help government agencies address the challenges facing society today and into the future.

See how Oracle Business Licensing and Registration can help you.

Explore CX Constituent Services for Public Sector

Enable delivery of services to your constituents, at any time on any channel, while deploying intelligent self-service portals for 24x7 access. Build trust and deliver the assurances your constituents need most by responding quickly and accurately. Oracle CX for Public Sector provides industry-leading solutions for self-service and eligibility, social services, economic stimulus, and other programs, at all levels of government.

Digitally empowered constituents

Give your constituents a connected experience across channels and devices. Enable your ecosystem to efficiently manage services even during economic downturns and unexpected circumstances, when constituents need guidance.

Omnichannel engagement

Ensure that every resident has access to the support they need at the time they need it. Provide instant, personalized communication and advice that’s up to date and consistent.

Project status and report generation

Track work completed and capture institutional knowledge, identifying trends, patterns, and next steps.

AI and automation

Harness AI, machine learning, augmented reality, and blockchain to secure, automate, and simplify every public sector interaction—even for complex government programs.

Configurable workflows

Streamline data across departments and agencies to provide a consolidated view of help desk requests and approvals. Expedite case resolution and the delivery of information and services with automated, configurable workflows.

Rapid deployment

Standard out-of-the-box workflows for common services can be quickly deployed, and have the flexibility to be modified without advanced coding capabilities.

Government support available 24x7

Increase the ease and speed of doing business with government using a unified digital platform to manage communication across the customer service lifecycle. Drive positive outcomes by keeping constituents better informed of programs that can assist them.

Remote work enablement

Effective remote access for all employees allows work routing and queuing, prioritization, assignments, guided assistance, status tracking, and execution of different workstreams.

Rapid deployment

Utilize standard out-of-the-box workflows for common services, with the flexibility to modify without advanced coding capabilities.

Self-service and service automation

Deliver highly personalized advice and referrals to constituents via their preferred channel and automate service requests to improve responsiveness. Offer self-service tools for 24x7 help desk access that integrates seamlessly with human-assisted interactions.

Predictive recommendations

Use constituent data to predict and proactively recommend the most relevant programs for them. Launch digital outreach campaigns to promote city services and attract new business development.

Process automation

Improve responsiveness and ensure consistent and more replicable outcomes by automating the licensing process, permitting approvals, and eliminating paper-based processes.

Government and social program support and recovery programs

Help constituents navigate specialized government assistance programs by allowing them to engage on their terms. Offer automation for even the most complex policy-driven decisions, whether that entails rebuilding infrastructure after a natural disaster, providing tax relief or business loans and other forms of economic assistance, rolling out unemployment insurance and benefit programs, or deploying health and human services programs.

Provide tailored, agile programs with accuracy

Increase awareness and adoption of government programs by proactively engaging constituents and businesses with highly relevant offers. Keep constituents informed of the resources available to them during their times of need, as well as their obligations under social services programs when their income or circumstances change.

Real-time personalized advice

Help constituents understand what support and benefits are available by providing them digital access to instant, personalized advice across channels including web, mobile, and chat, among others.

Tailored social benefits

Build highly tailored benefit plans with a constituent 360-degree view to ensure community members receive the support they need at an accelerated pace.

Case tracking and analysis

Help constituents quickly navigate relevant social services programs—and stay attuned to changing conditions to help ensure they meet their recovery goals.

Eligibility modeling and determination

Reduce improper payments and ensure your initiatives meet intended goals by paying the right people, at the right time. Rely on sophisticated applicant data verification to determine eligibility for government programs, calculate benefit payments, and eliminate fraud and errors. Deploy sophisticated declarative rule models for government eligibility and payment systems of record.

Advanced case management

Help constituents and the case managers who serve them navigate complex government programs and policies with automated, knowledgeable advice and eligibility decisions. Effectively manage complex cases using analytics to inform decisions and monitor outcomes. Propose policy enhancements while building highly tailored action plans.

City of Albuquerque logo

CX for Public Sector customer successes

To support the second-most digital city in the US, Oracle CX delivers top-notch digital experiences to residents of the City of Albuquerque.

Government 2.0 key benefits

  • Empower your constituents

    Deliver exceptional government customer experiences that drive mission success, foster economic development, and increase compliance with market-leading industry solutions created for the public sector.

    Video: Buenos Aires saves money and improves safety (1:35)

  • Provide high-quality interactions that keep constituents and employees engaged

    Deepen the relationship between government and your community by increasing and advancing digital interactions. Power frictionless experiences with a complete client view to increase adoption of government services.

    Governments in the Experience Economy (PDF)

  • Respond to constituents’ needs, anywhere and anytime

    Serve the needs of your entire community by enabling the delivery of government services and guidance 24x7, via digital channels.

    Video: Innovative ways to interact with residents (2:01)

  • Govern more effectively using connected intelligence and end-to-end processes

    Deliver connected, omnichannel intelligence and experiences for customers and employees using a unified solution delivered on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • Deploy quickly with a solution to meet your constituents’ needs

    Deploy rapidly to respond quickly to constituents’ needs, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the programs they receive, and protect sensitive information with best-in-class security, compliance, and performance.

    Find out how the City of Los Angeles delivered emergency aid (PDF)

Thought leadership

It’s Time for Intelligent Automation in Government

Rob Lloyd, Chief Information Officer, City of San Jose and Michael Sherwood, Director of Technology and Innovation, City of Las Vegas

Cities that embrace intelligent automation solutions, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) are able to extract better insights into city operations. Learn what these cities are doing to embrace AI.

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Cloud readiness

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