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Customers and service agents benefit from live chat

Help agents better serve customers through proactive, digital-first customer service experiences based on their previous activity. Improve your conversion rates and increase customer loyalty.

Live chat for Oracle B2C Service makes it easy for agents to provide customers with immediate, live support. With one click, they can connect to a live agent to resolve their service needs—from checking on shipping status to initiating a return or asking a series of questions before making a purchase.

Customers and service agents benefit from live chat

Take a tour of live chat for Oracle Service

Live chat for B2C service—feature overview

Live chat sessions can be started by customers, proactively initiated by service agents, or triggered automatically based on previous customer activity.

  • Chat routing, conferencing, seamless transfer, and supervisor monitoring
  • Embedded knowledge management for quick access to relevant content and in-depth knowledge articles
  • Streamlined agent dashboard for improved productivity

Improve CX and boost customer loyalty with digital-first tools

Customers expect chat tools to reflect their experiences with their consumer-oriented apps. They want to simultaneously communicate with customer service agents and browse a company’s website. They want to maintain agent interactions if forced to reestablish a lost connection and be able to view a history of past conversations.

Live chat makes all this possible, giving agents the ability to provide real-time support to customers with built-in functionalities, such as file attachments, and video chat (PDF). This digital-first approach to customer service lets you provide proactive, personalized customer experiences, improving agent productivity and resolution rates.

Live chat for Oracle B2C Service provides the following live chat capabilities:

  • Real-time chat. Enhances the digital customer experience through real-time communication between agents and customers. Embed chat widgets on every page of your website to offer help anywhere along the customer’s journey.
  • Proactive chat. Proactively send chat invitations according to built-in rules, such as the length of time a customer has spent on a web page, agent availability, and estimated queue wait time. Use Oracle Engagement Engine to extend this capability further and create custom rules based on specific conditions, digital behavior, or events, such as the number of items in a shopping cart, click activity on high-value products, or inactivity.
  • Mobile chat. Customers can also chat from their phones, tablets, and other devices.
  • Integrated knowledgebase. By integrating your knowledgebase with your digital assistant, you can highlight relevant information for customers. While they wait to connect to an agent, the smart assistant can send agents the top five relevant answers based on the customer’s inquiry. Agents can then quickly send helpful answers to customers, right in the live chat window with one click.
  • Automatic reconnection. No more starting over with a new service agent if disconnected. If a customer loses connection during a chat, they will automatically reconnect to the same agent at the exact point the chat left off. No information from their chat will be lost.
  • Chat wait-time updates. Customers can easily see—in real time—their place in the queue, the average wait time for the queue, and their expected remaining wait time.
  • Feedback for chat. Continuously improve your live chat experience with automatic surveys following chat sessions that give customers the opportunity to provide immediate feedback.
  • File attachments. Customers can send file attachments to service agents during chat sessions to provide additional information. Attachments are automatically stored within the chat transcript of the customer’s incident record. Agents can easily send files to a customer with one click to get customers the answers they need in real time.
  • PCI compliance. Customers can send sensitive data, such as their Social Security or credit card numbers, in an off-the-record format that will not be stored in the chat transcript.

Live chat for B2C Service—benefits

  • Boost customer loyalty, customer retention rates, and overall customer experience (CX) with a modern, live chat experience
  • Increase revenue with higher online conversion rates and larger average order size, as well as lower shopping cart abandonment rates
  • Enhance the agent experience with productivity tools, multiple chat handling, and supervisor support
  • Improve your contact center’s operational efficiency and reduce costs

Productivity tools for customer service agents

Live chat for Oracle B2C Service helps agents better serve customers. The digital productivity tools keep service agents connected to their customers, provide relevant information, and help agents better understand each customer. They include:

Integrated knowledgebase Agents have access to an industry-leading multichannel knowledgebase that improves their productivity by suggesting relevant answers based on chat questions and transcript content.
Integrated cobrowsing Chat agents can invite customers to cobrowse to assist with website navigation, configuration, form completion, and assisted selling.
Integrated video chat When text communication won’t cut it, agents and customers can escalate to a video chat for personalized, face-to-face service.
Page peek and visitor browser history Agents can view a customer’s recently viewed pages or the page they were navigating when they initiated the chat for additional context to provide relevant, efficient support.
Multiple chat handling Administrators can easily configure and adjust the number of chats agents can accept.
Queue status Automatically display real-time queue statistics, including color-coded critical warning levels for each chat session.
Customer history Agents can view a customer’s complete history of digital activity, interactions across all channels, and relevant customer data to provide personalized support.
Integrated incident management Agents can quickly create incidents from chat sessions or add a chat session to an existing incident.
Chat transfer and conference Agents can conference other agents into a session or transfer chats to other queues or agents, so customers get connected to the right person immediately. “Whisper” conference mode enables agents to get help from peers or supervisors in real time while chatting with customers.
Chat push/pull The chat administrator can automatically “push” to an agent or have the agent “pull/request” the next chat depending on preference.
Standard responses Standard response templates—accessible via a single keystroke or hotkey—enable agents to handle service and support inquiries more efficiently.

Management tools for customer service agents

Live chat for Oracle B2C Service provides the following management tools:

  • Live monitoring. Public and “whisper” supervisory monitoring of individual chat sessions ensures quality interactions. Supervisors can also quickly join sessions when needed.
  • Reporting and analytics. Real-time views, trend analysis, custom reporting, and more than 70 report templates help managers measure and improve the quality and responsiveness of customer service operations.
  • Routing rules. Efficiently manage incoming volume by automatically assigning chats to the appropriate queues based on products, categories, and custom fields. Leverage our routing and queuing API to easily integrate with third-party platforms.

Administration features for customer service agents

With live chat for B2C Service, administrators can quickly configure, customize, and personalize the customer service experience, matching the right agents with the right customers, at the right time.

  • Modern agent desktop. Live chat for Oracle B2C Service is a native part of the Oracle Service agent desktop and provides easy drag-and-drop administration. With seamless integration across all communication channels, you can deliver consistent, digital-first customer service experiences.
  • Integration with Oracle Digital Assistant. Automatically transfer Digital Assistant customer conversations to a live agent for a seamless experience.
  • Integration to Oracle Messaging. Extend live chat functionality to social and messaging channels to deliver service where your customers engage most.
  • Customizable chat user interface. Easily customize the chat user interface to reflect your corporate brand. Use different branding themes for your individual product pages or build your own.
  • Robust agent profile and queue management. Define detailed agent profiles and use sophisticated business rules to group agents in the right queues.
  • Security. Ensure privacy and compliance by assigning specific permissions, access, and approval levels to your employees.
  • Scalability. Live chat for B2C Service has been built to handle the scalability, reliability, and robustness required by the world’s largest brands.
  • Global reach. Live chat for B2C Service is built on a global platform that can be easily deployed in 33 languages and dialects.

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