Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Shell

Simplify application development and access to cloud resources with Cloud Shell, a browser-based terminal that provides a Linux shell and a pre-authenticated command-line interface (CLI).

Easily manage cloud resources with Cloud Shell

Cloud Shell provides a pre-authenticated Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI and preinstalled developer tools for easily managing Oracle Cloud resources.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Shell

Rapid application development

Preinstalled developer tools

Cloud Shell provides a full Linux shell, up-to-date developer tools (such as Git, Java, Ansible, and Terraform), and preinstalled language runtimes for faster application development.

Pre-authenticated command-line interface (CLI)

Cloud Shell includes a pre-authenticated Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI, so users can quickly run CLI commands without any setup.

Develop custom solutions using software development kits (SDKs)

Developers can quickly get started using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SDKs, such as the SDK for Python, without having to download and configure a CLI or Python on their local machines.

Easy access

Available in the Oracle Cloud Console

Cloud Shell is available to all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure users via the Oracle Cloud Console user interface.

Persistent Cloud Shell projects

Cloud Shell has 5GB of persistent storage, so users can save their work between sessions and easily return to ongoing projects.


Cloud Shell is free to use within monthly tenancy limits.

Fast interaction with cloud services

Manage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources using the CLI

Cloud Shell provides all of the tools for getting started right away, such as the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI. Visit the hands-on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure labs for instructions.

Access an Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes cluster with Cloud Shell

Using a hands-on lab, DevOps engineers and developers can deploy a Container Engine for Kubernetes cluster, connect to it, and run a sample application—all within Cloud Shell.

Integration with Oracle Functions

Deploy, configure, and test Oracle Functions on Cloud Shell in minutes without installing and configuring Docker, the Fn CLI, or the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Shell use cases

  • Connect and manage database services

    Quickly start working with Oracle Autonomous Database instances using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI and the SQL*Plus query tool in Cloud Shell.

    Get started with Cloud Shell and Autonomous Database

  • Integrate and interact with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services

    With Cloud Shell’s preinstalled tools, customers can easily manage compute instances, storage, networking resources, Kubernetes, and functions.

    Manage Kubernetes clusters from Cloud Shell


Cloud Shell is free to use within monthly tenancy limits.

Monthly Universal Credits
Number of concurrent active users
Free, up to 75 users
Free, up to 50 users
Number of hours per month per tenancy
Free, up to 400 hours per month
Free, up to 240 hours per month
February 11, 2020

Announcing Oracle Cloud Shell

Jonathan Schreiber, Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Cloud Shell gives you access to an always available Linux shell directly in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console. It joins the existing suite of developer tools (CLI, SDKs, and APIs) as a way to help you manage your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources.

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