Hospitality Communication and Collaboration Integrations

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  • @YourWish logo

    A complete, fully featured, easy-to-use hotel guest service management software solution.

  • 1check logo

    The ideal solution for optimizing productivity in the hospitality industry.

  • Abitari logo

    Facilitate the work of your housekeeping team.

  • Akia logo

    A business messaging platform designed for hotels to offer guest experiences unavailable anywhere else.

  • Amadeus logo

    A cloud-based solution engineered to help housekeeping staff streamline their workflows, reduce response times, and check in.

  • Aquao logo

    Solutions for the management of well-being establishments.

  • Ariane logo

    A fully automated cloud-based platform enabling contactless self-service solutions for mobile and kiosk check-in/out.

  • dailypoint™ logo

    A leading data management and CRM platform for sophisticated individual hotels and hotel groups.

  • Flexkeeping logo

    Connect departments and optimize their workflow, deliver better guest service, and resolve issues faster, increasing guest satisfaction.

  • Glowing logo

    Omnichannel guest messaging for digital transformation.

  • Intelity logo

    A contactless guest experience and hospitality management platform for the hotel, casino, cruise, and luxury residential markets.

  • Iris logo

    A full range of interactive services is offered from the in-room tablet or guests' own devices.

  • Jurudata logo

    Better communication with your in-house guests and hotel staff.

  • Lodging Controls logo

    Easily orchestrate your front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance processes from wherever you are.

  • MediaConcepts logo

    Enhance your guest experience by offering full self-service on a guest device before, during, and after their stay.

  • MS Shift logo

    Communicate with your guests via our trackable texting system, and see your message history to stay in the loop.

  • NetGenBiz logo

    Keep track of job requests and monitor staff performances and hotel fault analysis.

  • Nuvola logo

    We are focused on hotel operating efficiency, asset management, and guest experiences.

  • Omni logo

    Offering fully managed, outsourced cleaning services to the hospitality sector.

  • Optii logo

    The intelligent rooms platform designed to maximize productivity and improve your bottom line.

  • ResDiary logo

    Table management, online bookings, preorders, and payments: a flat-fee restaurant reservation system that does it all.

  • Revinate logo

    Improve, personalize, and automate your guest experiences.

  • RoomChecking logo

    An easy system for housekeeping, maintenance, the front office, and everyone else.

  • RoomOperations logo

    Helps manage your guests and all your hotel operational processes using the cloud, AI, analytics, and voice.

  • SalonBiz logo

    Empower your staff, connect them with clients, and manage your salon efficiently.

  • SMS Springermiller logo

    With real-time activities scheduling, online spa booking, and mobile capabilities, SpaSoft is a solution built for the modern spa.

  • Stayplease logo

    Housekeeping, front office, and engineering all working together through workflows and messaging.

  • Synergy MMS logo

    A complete hospitality maintenance and operations support solution.

  • Triton logo

    Automates daily housekeeping activities that increase productivity and guest satisfaction.

  • Vouch logo

    Vouch is an award-winning travel-tech company that offers customized digital solutions for streamlining hotel operations and enhancing the guest experience.

  • Zingle logo

    Better serve your guests, optimize operations, and grow your revenue with intelligent two-way messaging.

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