Contactless and Mobile Integrations for Hospitality

Work with our hospitality integration partners to enable contactless hotel operations with mobile and kiosk solutions.

Explore the latest hospitality technology solutions.

Oracle Hospitality works with innovative partners to provide the best offerings in contactless and mobile integrations

  • AeroGuest

    A seamless digital guest experience created through next-level mobile hospitality.

  • Ariane

    A cloud-based platform enabling contactless self-service solutions for mobile and kiosk check-in and check-out.

  • Assimilated Technologies

    Interface solutions for enhancing front-desk operations in the hospitality industry.

  • at-visions GmbH

    Use innovative technology to communicate with your guests and to help them experience more.

  • b4checkin

    Authorization forms and hotel bookings easily secured.

  • Betterspace

    360-degree software for a contactless guest journey and a new digital guest experience.

  • Book4Time

    Leading cloud software for the spa and wellness industry.

  • Canary Technologies

    Check-in your guests without physically exchanging credit cards, IDs, or registration forms.

  • CeloPay

    Securely collect, store, and process payment information for clients.

  • Cendyn

    A complete set of software services for the hospitality industry, aligning marketing, sales, and revenue teams.

  • Civitfun

    An online check-in and check-out SaaS for hotels and chain hotels.

  • Criton

    A contactless guest experience with a custom-branded mobile app, which includes mobile check-in and digital door key.

  • DigiValet

    A guest experience solution for hotel rooms.

  • EasyWay

    An end-to-end contactless guest journey platform enabling hotels to digitize and personalize the entire guest journey.

  • Enzosystems B.V.

    A completely controlled check-in and check-out process—24/7 and without any delays.

  • Fuel Travel

    A contactless, customized white-label hotel mobile app designed for hoteliers of any size.

  • FutureSens

    Automated and digitized hotel check-in and check-out processes.

  • Glowing

    Omnichannel guest messaging for digital transformation.

  • Groups360

    Transforming the way meetings are booked to benefit both event planners and hoteliers.

  • GuestTraction

    An innovative marketing solution for guest loyalty, booking engines, and more.

  • hconnect

    Reducing manual workloads for hotels through automation and integration.

  • Hotelbird

    Digitally manage check-in and check-out, registration forms, mobile keys, door opening, and payments.

  • Hudini

    Designed for seamless integration into any hospitality environment.


    A complete hospitality solution that delivers more than a series of devices, features, and integrations.

  • Ireckonu

    A hybrid middleware solution that connects all systems—on-premises and above property—into one platform.

  • IRIS

    An app that lets guests browse, swipe, tap, touch, or voice their requests and orders using a device.

  • It Just Works Software

    A quick and easy way to enable contactless hotel check-in and check-out.

  • Liverton

    Assa Abloy products supplied, installed, and serviced in more than 400 hotels and retirement villages across New Zealand and the Pacific.

  • Metasphere Technologies

    Transforming the hotel industry with highly automated and interconnected technology.

  • NEC

    Inform and interact with your visitors with an NEC kiosk solution.

  • Nonius

    Providing cloud or on-premises innovation to deliver an exceptional guest experience.

  • P3

    Create a A touchless hotel environment to maximize operational efficiency.

  • PalVision

    A one-stop solution provider offering converged, guest-facing solutions

  • QikPad

    A personalized check-in service using QikPad tablet green solution for hotels.

  • Samsotech

    A fast and easy-to-use, self-check-in and check-out kiosk solution for your hotel.

  • Sertifi

    An interface for Sertifi for hospitality.

  • Speeron

    A platform that offers guests a truly digitalized check-in and check-out experience.

  • Upstay

    A prearrival bid-for-upgrade platform that automates upselling efforts and engages guests.

  • Vouch

    Customized digital solution offerings for streamlining hotel operations and enhancing guest experience.

  • Zaplox

    An alternative way for hotels to reshape the check-in experience.

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