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Driving Site Activation

Accelerating site activation can jumpstart a clinical trial, but with the hours and weeks spent manually tracking tasks and documents without visibility into where the bottlenecks lie, how can you make that happen?

goBalto Activate Cloud Service enables sponsors, CROs, and sites to get studies started in the shortest time possible. goBalto Activate workflows drive study teams to complete and track specific documents and tasks required for any site, country, or study based on regulatory and SOP requirements.

Key Features

goBalto Activate Cloud Service Benefits

  • Improve operational performance with 70+ smart, standardized country workflows for quick study activation
  • Automatically trigger workflows and alert study team members when prerequisite work is complete
  • Ensure appropriate activity access with role-based assignments and retain knowledge even through staff turnovers
  • Guide compliance with organizational SOPs and country-specific regulations
  • Streamline document management by sharing study documents from a centralized library
  • Deliver transparency with real-time study progress reporting and risk mitigation

Oracle Health Sciences end-to-end study startup solution stood out for the opportunity it provides us to eliminate traditional bottlenecks in the flow of clinical data, which can impact study quality and lead to unnecessary delays.

Peter Benton, President & COO, Worldwide Clinical Trials
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Clinical trials are constantly evolving, with advancements in technology, industry initiatives, and regulatory, and process changes. Gain perspective and learn more about these changes in the resources below.


goBalto Activate’s robust, industry proven library of country-specific workflows and management-based approach to site activation is central to our efforts to build out our infrastructure of ‘best of breed’ applications in our eClinical suite.

Mike Townley, CIO, Clinipace
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