Product Evaluation and Demand Assessment

Evaluate products and assess demand at all stages of product development, for more effective planning, resource allocation, and forecasting.

Product evaluation and demand assessment solutions

Demand assessment to inform product planning

Understanding market demand informs every phase of product planning from design to launch.

In pre-clinical stages, we assess a molecule’s market potential in different product configurations while considering which patient types will drive uptake. In addition, to inform clinical trial design, we can quantify the impact of specific product features based on patient characteristics to help optimize your patient population selection and clinical trial endpoints.

Preparing for brand launch, where a clear picture of the commercial potential of a product is essential, we measure likely demand, providing data and expert guidance for developing a robust forecast.

Our team has the experience and expertise to support you in evaluating products and assessing demand at all stages of product development, planning, and forecasting.

Actionable insights backed by multiple methodologies

Our research experts employ a range of methodologies for product evaluation and demand measurement. There’s no black box involved—the team presents clear recommendations on the best approach to address your commercial or scientific challenges, and the analytical techniques to employ. We can supplement quantitative assessment with qualitative research, applying behavioral science principles to identify patient typologies, explore key drivers of treatment decisions, and help focus your positioning and sequencing plans.

Validated tools to support confident decision-making

We integrate our primary research with multiple data sources, using advanced qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including a long-standing and validated proprietary demand calibration tool to support accurate demand estimation and robust forecasting.

An experienced team with a proven track record

Our interdisciplinary team has experience with a wide range of therapy areas, particularly in oncology and rare diseases. We have a team of more than 100 oncology specialists—many with commercial pharmaceutical backgrounds and decades of experience.

Product and demand analysis expertise to inform planning

Our expertise in product evaluation and demand assessment enables life sciences organizations to reduce uncertainty and plan each aspect of their operations with confidence, including portfolio management, clinical trial optimization, manufacturing, and salesforce resourcing.

Trusted resources for up-to-date demand analysis

Drawing from reliable data sources such as Oracle Life Sciences Epi Database and Oracle Life Sciences CancerMPact, our consultants continually monitor the drug technology and agent landscape, providing crucial context for accurate product assessment in a changing environment.

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