Oracle PaaS for Midmarket Businesses

Platform Matters for Growing Businesses

Oracle PaaS for Midmarket Businesses

Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows tech leaders to securely develop, test, and deploy the next generation of applications in the cloud. This speeds time to market by eliminating the need to buy, install, and configure prerequisite servers, storage, databases, operating systems, and testing tools. And when you get to market first, you increase your competitive advantage.

But Oracle PaaS offers much more. Every company needs to develop, secure, and share content, then derive insights. There are only two ways this is possible: through manual processes or integration. Oracle PaaS provides you with a way to integrate multiple cloud and on-premises applications. This increases flexibility and turns IT into a growth driver. With Oracle PaaS, you can gain access to enterprise IT capabilities, allowing you to compete (and win) against larger competitors.

With Oracle PaaS, you are able to:
  • Run more efficiently, thanks to speedy application deployment
  • Enjoy clear and consistent information flows, through the elimination of data silos
  • Reach and adapt quickly to real-time market changes, thanks to improved application and data portability 
  • Develop, extend and deploy applications quickly without having to first choose, build, and install the development platform.

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