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Experience Inspiration,
Spark Innovation

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Modern Business magazine
Modern Business magazine

Discover why business success is increasingly tied to technology.

Cloud Delivers
Analyst Research: Cloud
Delivers 2.1x ROI

The Digital Finance Imperative
The Digital Finance Imperative

Measure What Matters Next.

Security: Simplify Digital Trust

Simplify Digital Trust

Protect your business in the digital age with Oracle Security Solutions.

Modern Best Practice E-Book
Oracle Modern Best Practice

Increase business agility. 100+ Modern best practices deliver superior results, evolve with your business, support growth and innovation, and exploit enabling technologies.

Midsize Companies Buy Oracle for Growth
  • Over 300,000 midsize customers not only run on Oracle, but they are also using the same products as our largest customers.


Cloud for Business Managers in Midsize Organizations
  • Dynamic Markets report gives insights into the top motivations for cloud adoption, common barriers to cloud adoption—and more. Read the report
Oracle ERP Cloud for Midsize Companies
Oracle ERP Cloud for Midsize Companies
  • Grow your company with a modern business platform that quickly adapts to increasing business demands. Explore Oracle ERP Cloud


Oracle HCM Cloud for Midsize Companies
Cloud for Business Managers
Roadmap to Midsize Transformation
  • Increase business agility and accelerate profitable growth with a modern approach to best practice, enabled by innovative new technologies. Learn more


IDC White Paper: ERP in the Cloud and the Modern Business
  • Gain expert insight into the challenges and opportunities the cloud presents. Download now
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Are Your Best Practices Modern

Why Do You Need Modern Best Practice?

Increase business agility. Achieve more, faster, and with less resources. With the following key enablers: the cloud, mobile, social, analytics, the internet of things, and big data, you can transform your business for the future.

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Modern HR, ERP and CX Cloud Success with our Customers

Organizations all over the world are modernizing their business with Oracle’s CX, HCM, and ERP Cloud applications. Watch to learn more about customer results and ROI.

Beachbody Flexes Muscle with Oracle Service Cloud

With Oracle Service Cloud, Beachbody, creator of P90X, provides 7.2MM accurate, consistent answers annually to a growing customer base via web, chat, phone or social.

California Academy of Sciences
California Academy of Sciences Moves Up to Oracle ERP Cloud

I love the idea that the Oracle system is cloud-based. It is cutting-edge just like our research and so it's going to bring us into the 21st century finally with our accounting product.

—Kristin Klingvall, Controller, California Academy of Sciences
Delaware Life
Customer Success: ERP and EPM Cloud at Delaware Life

After divestiture, Delaware Life needed new systems & practices. After checking out competitors, it implemented Oracle ERP & EPM Cloud. Learn about its success with real time reporting, tight integrations, and outstanding system performance.

Marchesi Antinori
Winning the War for Finance Talent
The digital age has redefined business. Read the new
WSJ.Custom Studios white paper sponsored by Oracle
and discover the game plan to build the modern finance

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