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Through AI and machine learning, Oracle Business Analytics has built-in intelligence. And with access to all data from any platform—cloud or on premises—you can use real-time insights to drive better decisions.

Analytics Reinvented

Powering decisions with business-led data preparation, visualizations, and machine-learning-driven insights.

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Why Analytics for Your Business from Oracle?

Every organization has the need for analytics—that is, every organization has data they need to gather, analyze, and interpret. But that is easier said than done. As technology evolves and the amount of data and data sources grow exponentially, today’s fast-paced business environment may leave you with little time to rethink your analytics initiatives. Accessing new data sources, and being able to determine what is valuable and what is noise, is no easy feat. Without the time or means to evolve—or technology that’s flexible enough to grow with your business—you can only achieve the status quo. Innovation will have to wait.

Augmented Analytics for All

Great analytics helps you uncover solutions to your business challenges. When analytics is incorporated as a fundamental component of your ongoing business strategy, everyone in your organization is empowered to understand what happened, why it happened, and leverage that data to predict what will happen next.

Analytics initiatives conform to whatever business you are in and adjust to diverse user needs. For example, marketing pros use analytics to measure campaign results and ROI, harnessing that data to ensure that the right offers are delivered to customers at the right time. And they can predict what buyers will respond to next. HR captures insights about employees and potential talent, using that data to optimize recruitment, retain top performers, and even predict turnover talent across the enterprise. IT staff has different priorities: providing the reports and dashboards that enable users to dig into data on their own, while maintaining data governance and security. To be truly effective, a comprehensive analytics solution must combine dynamic self-service discovery with enterprise reporting and advanced analytics capabilities. From an administration perspective, that means governance and flexibility, access to any type of data source, as well as data preparation and analysis capabilities for all users.

Uncover New Opportunities and Data Insights

Advancements in analytics technology are creating new opportunities for you to capitalize on your data. Modern analytics are predictive, self-learning, and adaptive to help you uncover hidden data patterns. They are intuitive as well, incorporating stunning visualizations that enable you to understand millions of rows and columns of data in an instant. Modern analytics are mobile and easy to work with. And they connect you to the right data at the right time, with little or no training required.

Oracle Analytics delivers a comprehensive and secure platform that takes into account the various needs of your users with solutions that connect them to the information they require. Whether you have 2 or 2,000 users, you can scale up or down as needed and derive meaningful insights from a variety of data sources and data types—both structured and unstructured. With the flexibility to run your analytics in the cloud, on premises, or both, no data is off limits.

A Centralized Analytics Platform Delivers a New Way to Work

The workforce is changing, bringing about a new way to work. A centralized analytics platform where IT plays a pivotal role should be a fundamental part of your analytics strategy. With it, you can keep up with the demands of today’s tech-savvy workforce that expects to get up and running quickly. Deliver speed and simplicity to your users while maintaining the highest standards for data quality and security. The combination of business- and IT-led initiatives is the sweet spot for innovation.

Visualize Your Data

You want to see the data signals before your competitors do. Analytics provides the ability to see a high-def image of your business landscape. By mashing up personal, corporate, and big data, you can quickly understand the value of the data, share your data story with colleagues—and do it all in a matter of minutes. Data visualization is key to this simplicity and it is embedded into all of Oracle’s analytic solutions—from mobile to desktop, department to enterprise, and on premises to cloud. Only Oracle delivers the continuity of experience for fueling analytical productivity.

On-the-Go Analytics with Mobile

Mobile analytics is nothing new. Oracle brings a new level of productivity to your mobile device with a location-aware “assistant.” Oracle’s mobile analytics solutions not only support voice recognition and mobile authoring, they also look at your digital footprint to notify you of insights relevant to your upcoming meetings. Content is continuously delivered to your phone to give you meaningful analytics depending on what is going in your business. Sharing and collaborative capabilities are provided so that you can ensure that your team members are all on the same page.

It all begins with a centralized analytics platform. With the ability to connect to any data source, database, or application (cloud or on premises), you can be confident that your data insights will represent a complete understanding of your business.

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Faster Insights

Self-service analytics drive business agility with faster time to insights. You no longer need help from IT to access, prepare, analyze, and collaborate on all your data. Easily create data visualizations with automated chart recommendations and optimize insights by collaborating with colleagues on analyses.

  • Data preparation for the business user
  • Data visualization for self-service visual analytics
  • Collaboration for shareable and traceable analysis

Improved Decisions

Augmented analytics with embedded machine learning throughout the platform drive smarter and better insights. Always on—and always working in the background, machine learning is continuously learning from the data it takes in, making it smarter and more accurate as time goes by. Uncover deeper patterns and predict trends for impactful, unbiased recommendations.

  • Predictive analytics for powerful one-click forecasting
  • Automated explanation of results that eliminate human bias
  • Automated data enrichment with no coding

Next-Gen Analytics

A comprehensive solution to meet the breadth of all analytics needs. Get the right data, to the right people, at the right time with analytics for everyone in your organization. With built-in security and governance, you can easily share insights and collaborate with your colleagues. By leveraging the cloud, you can scale up or down to suit your needs.

  • Business scenario modeling for “what if” analysis
  • Mobile capabilities with voice-enabled access and real-time alerts
  • Enterprise reporting to schedule and mass produce reports

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Embedded Machine Learning

Analytics Solutions

Data Visualization and Enterprise Reporting

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Data Visualization and Enterprise Reporting

Data Visualization and Enterprise Reporting

It’s more than pretty charts and graphs—it tells you a story of how your business is operating. From big picture insights to granular-level inquiries, you should be able to ask questions in the same manner as you think (using natural language processing) and receive answers in a visually stunning, yet thorough, way.

Embedded machine learning advises on the best graphical representation of your data and delivers one-click, predictive insights. With the unified business metrics and security and governance you’ve come to expect from Oracle, your reporting capabilities will take on a whole new level of depth and ease.

Data Preparation

Data Preparation
Data Preparation

Data Preparation

With a seemingly limitless amount of data, you need a simple way to prepare that data for an effective and thorough analysis. With data enrichment capabilities powered by machine learning, you and your colleagues can turn raw data into usable formats yourselves—without any need for coding or confusion. Recommendations guide you through data preparation, cleansing, and standardization.

Business Scenario Modeling

Business Scenario Modeling
Business Scenario Modeling

Business Scenario Modeling

Ever wonder what would happen if you could test your gut and run “what if” scenarios on your data? With Oracle’s industry-leading, multidimensional analysis engine, you can do just that. With machine learning embedded into the analysis engine, you can better predict outcomes for various scenarios and prepare for a variety of outcomes.




Turn your mobile device into your personal assistant by setting up personalized, context-aware smart feeds based on time, contacts, or geographical location. You can even use natural language to ask questions and drill down into the details. With continuous updates throughout the day, you’ll never miss an important update while you’re on the go.

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Business Analytics Assessment
Business Analytics Assessment

Do you know how your organization compares to your peers in terms of data analytics utilization and future readiness?

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