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NEC Nexsolutions Boosts storeGATE2 Performance And Reliability For Retail Customers With Move To Oracle Cloud

Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) enables secure and stable service delivery for end-users

TOKYO, Japan —September 8, 2021
Garrett Ilg


NEC Nexsolutions, Ltd. an IT consulting, design, development, outsourcing, and software design and development company, has moved storeGATE2, its cloud-based sales management system for the retail industry, to Oracle Cloud to help it modernize its business. Using Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) within Oracle’s Tokyo cloud region, NEC Nexsolutions significantly improved storeGATE2’s overall performance and provides a more stable and secure service for its end-users. At the same time, the new platform will help NEC Nexsolutions reduce its operational and management workloads and costs, allowing it to allocate more human resources toward improving the satisfaction levels of its customers.

Previously run out of an on-premises environment, NEC Nexsolutions’ storeGATE2 has been used by 40 companies at more than 3,000 sales outlets over the last decade. With an impending hardware update slated for 2022, the company decided to modernize its service infrastructure and move to the public cloud to enhance the performance, stability and availability of its service. After evaluating multiple cloud vendors, NEC Nexsolutions put Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) to the test against its existing on-premises environment.

"The retail environment is increasingly competitive. Consumers want immediate gratification and this means retailers need to be able to operate in real-time," said Yuya Inoue, senior manager, the fourth system division, NEC Nexsolutions. "We implemented Oracle ATP on a dedicated Exadata environment in OCI to support storeGATE2. With the resulting performance boost and improved security, we can now empower shops and retailers to keep track of their sales data across all outlets as they happen and ensure our customers to have control of their data.”

By taking advantage of the performance and scalability of Exadata infrastructure in OCI, the trial showed a dramatic performance improvement with sale transaction aggregation running more than five times faster than before. The process also proved that much of the operation and management of the system could be delegated to autonomous database automation. Additionally, due to Oracle Autonomous Database’s auto-scaling functionality, the system could instantaneously scale online without any application disruption, up to three times the originally allocated vCPUs. Oracle Autonomous Database functionality brought substantial operational simplicity and reliability improvements.

“The privacy and security of customer data is a key concern for many industries, including retail. Using Oracle Autonomous Database running on infrastructure dedicated solely to its use enables NEC Nexsolutions to easily build a fully isolated, private database cloud helping eliminate the security concerns for its customers as they move to the cloud,” said Juan Loaiza, executive vice president, Mission-Critical Database Technologies, Oracle.  “Oracle Autonomous Database on Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure delivers outstanding performance at low cost and also features customizable operational policies that allow  NEC Nexsolutions to control database provisioning, updates and isolation in order to enable them to deliver an extremely reliable and predictable solution to their users.”

In addition to simplifying database operations for OLTP, running Oracle ATP on a dedicated Exadata environment has ensured that storeGATE2 is completely isolated from any other cloud tenant, with no shared processor, storage, and memory resource. This gives NEC Nexsolutions control over the system’s operations and management. The use of advanced database features including Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) provide data storage redundancy and increased database availability, improving business continuity even further.

NEC Nexsolutions has also used Oracle’s Bring Your Own Licence (BYOL) program to migrate its existing Oracle Database licenses to OCI, enabling it to access the autonomous functions, security threat detection and remediation capabilities of Oracle Autonomous Database at a low cost.

NEC Nexsolutions new service infrastructure became operational in June 2021 and has already been deployed by end-users. The company plans to exploit availability of this service to further expand its customer base and is looking at leveraging other elements within the OCI portfolio, such as business analytics to expand services for end-users.

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