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Okinawa Electric Power Uses Oracle to Engage Customers with Personalized Energy Insights and Advice

New customer communications have already seen an open rate of 71% as residential consumers look for ways to conserve energy and reduce their bills

Okinawa, Japan and Austin, TexasFebruary 17, 2021

In an increasingly competitive power market, Okinawa Electric Power, also known as Okiden, is committed to building long-lasting relationships with its valued customers. Working with Oracle Utilities Opower, Okiden is engaging its customers with timely, engaging information and helpful tips on their energy usage through digital communications. Customers are eagerly responding, with early communications receiving an open rate of 71%, well above the industry average.

In 2016, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) mandated the liberation of the electricity market to provide a stable supply of energy, curb energy charges, and create an open retail market that provides choice for customers. For companies like Okiden, this mandate made it increasingly important to better engage customers throughout their energy journey. In response, Okiden recently created a new customer portal “Okiden more-E” to provide variety of services including usage visualization, and point, information, and participation services to residential customers.

“Okiden is committed to providing new value-added energy services to our customers to support them in leading comfortable and prosperous lives,” said Mr. Nakamto Hideki, Life Sales Group Manager, Sales Division of Okinawa Electric Power. “With Opower, we can provide tools for customers to easily view energy insights (neighbor comparison) and get energy saving advice. With this insight, they will be able to adjust their behavior to reduce both their energy costs and use, leading to a cleaner future for everyone.”

Leveraging Oracle Utilities Opower’s digital email Home Energy Reports (eHERs) and web-based digital self-service tools, Okiden is now providing customers with electric energy usage insights, home energy analysis, and energy and bill saving tips. The eHERs are delivered directly to customers via email, while the digital widgets also appear on Okiden’s website to provide customers insight specifically tailored to their household.

“As consumers increasingly have choice in their energy provider, its essential for utilities to build mutually beneficial relationships with their customers,” said Scott Neuman, group vice president, Oracle Utilities Opower. “Okiden has shown a tremendous commitment to engage customers by providing more frequent and personalized data that will help them make better energy choices. It’s great to see customers positively responding to the tips and advice they are receiving in the Oracle Utilities Opower eHERs and taking action.”

Oracle Utilities Opower is the residential customer engagement solution leveraging behavioral science. By having utilities customer’s energy usage data, big data analytics and behavioral science, Oracle Utilities Opower send communication having actionable personalized insights to target customers. Opower has been used more than 100 utilities around the globe and provides not only energy efficiency, but increasing customer satisfaction, new revenue generation, operational efficiency, and more.

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