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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helps Toyota Mapmaster to Further Accelerate Digital Transformation in Map Production

Converged capabilities of Oracle Database Cloud Service help deliver accurate mapping information faster, streamline workflow, bring IT efficiencies, and optimize costs

Tokyo JapanAugust 6, 2021

Today Oracle announced that Toyota Mapmaster Incorporated, which provides highly precise map and location information for car navigation systems, the Internet, and mobile devices, has selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to accelerate the digital transformation of the systems and processes involved in its map development. By harnessing the advanced and converged capabilities of Oracle Database Cloud Service, powered by the superior price performance, flexibility, security, and scalability of OCI, Toyota Mapmaster will be able to provide customers with accurate and up to date map information faster, while also optimizing workflow, IT operations, and cost.

As a partner supporting CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric) for various car manufacturers, Toyota Mapmaster aims to become a Mobility Information Platform Provider (MIPP) delivering a rich variety of information in near real-time so that people can move around safely, efficiently, and happily.

“To become an MIPP and support a truly mobile lifestyle of all customers, Toyota Mapmaster is developing our real-time core information platform to deliver superior value-added information by analyzing and integrating data from moving vehicles and content from various aggregators,” said Haruo Miwa, General Manager, TMIDB Development, Toyota Mapmaster Incorporated. “We selected Oracle Cloud for the superior price performance of OCI, and the converged nature of the Oracle Database engine that supports all data models and data workloads, including the spatial data and graph databases required for map production, as well as the strong technological foundation and knowledge of Oracle Consulting.”

To keep its maps up to date, Toyota Mapmaster regularly undertakes detailed surveys of roads, buildings and landmarks, as well as the changing topography throughout Japan. In its current on-premises system, while map information was used and managed in a document database, hundreds of additional tools and databases were needed for each task by those editing the maps, resulting in additional work and increasing the levels of IT spend and support—all further accelerated by the growing amounts of data. To resolve these challenges and speed up map production and updates and incorporate emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), automatic map development, analytics and big data, Toyota Mapmaster decided to harness the power of the public cloud.

After comparing several public cloud solutions, including various combinations of multiple open-source and specialized cloud databases, Toyota Mapmaster selected Oracle Database Cloud Service on OCI.

“It's exciting to see Toyota Mapmaster taking advantage of the converged database capabilities of the Oracle Database. Oracle Database manages all the data required for map production such as spatial data for road and landmark locations, graph data for road topology, structured data to manage attributes of road and landmarks, and unstructured data around landmarks,” said Andrew Mendelsohn, executive vice president, Database Server Technologies, Oracle. “This will help Toyota Mapmaster to more productively and efficiently automate its map production process, while avoiding complex data movement between many separate data stores, and maximizing system reliability and security.”

Toyota Mapmaster's new map production database platform is scheduled to be built during fiscal 2021 and will begin operating in stages. Oracle Consulting is providing advanced support to assist with the implementation.

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