Oracle Developer Studio

C, C++, Fortran Compiler

Highly optimized for Oracle systems, on-premise and in the cloud

  • Advanced code generation technology for the latest Oracle SPARC and x86 based systems
  • Support for the latest industry standards, including C++14, C++11, C11 and OpenMP 4.0 and extensive GCC compatibility features
  • Automatic code analysis during compilation and automatic stack overflow protection at application runtime

Code Analyzer

Software analysis tool for identifying common coding errors, including memory leaks and access violations

  • Detect coding errors quickly with static analysis when compiling your application
  • Protect your application from security vulnerabilities with run-time dynamic analysis, and secure your applications at real-time speeds with SPARC Silicon Secured Memory support
  • Dramatically increase code coverage with patented technology that ranks untested functions

Performance Library

Collection of advanced numeric solver libraries that maximize compute-intensive application performance

  • Highly-tuned for Oracle systems (SPARC and x86)
  • Includes enhanced and newly added mathematical subroutines
  • Leverage parallelization features of the Oracle Developer Studio C, C++ and Fortran compilers

Performance Analyzer

Powerful performance analysis tool for optimizing C, C++, Java, Scala and Fortran applications

  • Rich set of performance metrics and data
  • Advanced sorting, filtering and timeline visualization capabilities
  • Remote analysis of applications running in cloud-based IT enviornments