Oracle Announces Next-Gen Cloud SaaS Applications

Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison announces next-generation cloud applications built with machine learning, voice-driven user interface, and on the Generation 2 cloud platform.

What Is SaaS?

Software as a service (SaaS) allows users to subscribe and use application software in the cloud. A modern cloud suite provides complete software for your entire business so that you can subscribe to certain SaaS applications as needed, such as accounting, HR, marketing, procurement, project management, sales management, service, supply chain, and transportation management.

A modern SaaS cloud application suite enables users to personalize software for their role. With a modern SaaS suite, you can easily connect your entire business from any device, anywhere. You can connect to other clouds and integrate to existing systems. Modern SaaS applications are designed to be secure at every layer of the cloud. Modern best practice processes and embedded data-driven intelligence are built in—not added in later. Oracle’s complete, modern SaaS applications offer you all this from the industry’s most flexible, proven, and secure cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Applications: Be Future-Ready. Outpace Change.



A complete, unified suite of cloud applications is the fastest way to connect your entire business.

Find out why a complete suite of cloud applications matters


A future-ready cloud applications suite helps you outpace change and speed innovation.

Learn how Oracle's SaaS Suite can help you outpace change


A trusted, proven multilayer approach to SaaS applications is leading the industry.

Learn why the most secure clouds are designed to be secure at every layer


Oracle cloud applications scale and process transactions quickly—regardless of volume or calendar period.

Find out how to achieve scalability

Software-as-a-Service Cloud Evolution—Featuring Steve Miranda and Ray Wang

How have Oracle's cloud offerings matured? What kind of service can customers expect within the Oracle SaaS suite? Hear from Steve Miranda, executive vice president for Oracle Applications Product Development, as he sits down with Constellation Research analyst Ray Wang.

Your Path to the Cloud

Oracle Cloud Applications

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud

    Build a collaborative, efficient, and intuitive back-office hub with the latest mobile and analytics technologies.

  • Human Capital Management Cloud

    Give your enterprise the power of Oracle’s rich HR, talent management, and social solutions with the speed and convenience of the cloud.

  • Customer Experience Cloud

    Strengthen customer relationships with a platform that improves service consistency and ensures repeatable service quality.

  • Enterprise Performance Management Cloud

    Drive predictable performance, report with confidence, and connect the entire organization.

  • Supply Chain Management Cloud

    Accelerate supply-chain innovation and drive smarter, faster decisions at any point during a product's lifecycle.

  • Analytics Cloud

    Discover the most comprehensive analytics offering in the cloud, combining BI, big data analytics, and embedded SaaS analytics.

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Discover Oracle Generation 2 Cloud Infrastructure for Applications

Western Digital and Oracle ERP Cloud Deliver Greater Business Value

Western Digital has been able to combine numerous applications, reduce approval times by 70 percent, rationalize suppliers by 50 percent, and improve acquisition agility on a global multibillion dollar scale.


“With Oracle Cloud we have been able to consolidate applications, automate key financial workflows, and radically improve productivity. Oracle has been the catalyst for change and is pivotal in our digital transformation journey.”

—Steve Phillpott, Western Digital CIO
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