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Engage Smarter with Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps for Marketing

Oracle Adaptive Intelligent (AI) Apps for Marketing helps marketers engage smarter with B2C customers using the optimized marketing orchestrations AI capability, and B2B customers using smart talking points powered by Oracle DataFox.

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B2B Features

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Data Enrichment

Enrich contacts with company-level data and account scores to better target your audience and power more precise account-based marketing strategies. With Oracle DataFox, get access to AI-curated company data for more than 70 firmographic and 68 types of signal data. Use this data to classify your customer base and leverage data for laser-targeted segmentations.

With enriched company data appended directly onto contacts, close the divide between leads and accounts with powerful lead-to-company matching based on robust company-level data. Then, implement automated lead routing so that the right leads get to the right reps more quickly and accurately than before.

Account Prioritization

Deploy an ideal customer profile modeling process that surfaces the most influential data points that indicate who your best customers are. Then use this insight with AI-generated company data from Oracle DataFox to create a customizable account score. Combine firmographic and signal data with sales and marketing activity data for tighter alignment on target accounts.

Build a multidimensional lead score to automatically prioritize quality inbound leads, and reduce costs by optimizing resources who market to high-scoring contacts. Plus, create account-based segmentations to personalize engagement and improve conversions.

Total Addressable Market (TAM) Expansion

Expand your TAM with AI-curated data from Oracle DataFox's company intelligence platform. Machine learning creates an ideal customer profile (ICP) for your business, which is used to identify lookalikes from the DataFox business universe and pull this data directly into your systems.

TAM expansion enables marketing teams to increase revenue with a larger-known prospect base. Run advanced searches to find new target companies, leverage an analysis tool to create a data-driven ICP, and then use this profiling criteria to define lookalikes to expand your market.

Smart Talking Points

Engage in more productive conversations with customers and prospects via smart talking points. Powered by Oracle DataFox, 68 types of real-time data signals help identify opportunities as they arise in order to personalize outreach and hold more engaging business discussions when they matter most.

Smart talking points enable marketers to increase conversion rates of email campaigns by improving the relevance of their content. Easily use real-time signal data to create dynamic lists of target companies for event-triggered marketing outreach and laser-focused nurture campaigns.

Explore AI Apps for Marketing

B2C Features

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Optimized Marketing Orchestrations

Data-driven, machine-learning algorithms help the digital marketer optimize and automate marketing program execution. The algorithms continuously adapt to changing customer interaction patterns to improve click-through and ultimately bring higher ROI and revenue from marketing spend.

Machine learning models automatically predict the best-performing mix of send-time and channel for each customer based on their interaction history, profile, and content metadata to optimize for a defined business metric.

Supervisory controls allow marketers to influence the likelihood of specific decision outcomes as the programs are executing to meet specific business policies or objectives. For example, a marketer can boost the use of a specific channel or email template.


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