Oracle Customer Experience for Marketing Executives

Customer Experience for Marketing Executives
Campaign-Minded, Metrics-Driven

CX for Marketing Executives

CX for Marketing Executives
Revenue Performance Management Create Ideal Customers

Do you personalize your customer experience to create the ideal customers that drive higher revenue?

Rely on data-driven solutions to unify marketing resources and empower Modern Marketing teams to deliver personalized customer experiences across each channel.

Marketing Executive
Data Driven Data-Driven

Can you measure revenue contribution by marketing program and campaign?

Assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by analyzing campaign success metrics and taking action.

Revenue Performance Management Revenue Performance Management

Is your marketing team able to accurately track and report revenue performance?

Identify revenue drivers, rigorously measure performance, and then take action to optimize topline growth.

Sales and Marketing Alignment
Sales and Marketing Alignment Sales and Marketing Alignment

Do you have the ability to connect marketing and sales processes on a single platform?

Help your sales and marketing teams align and agree on common goals, strategies, and success metrics.

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