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Oracle Intelligent Advisor Releases and Documentation

Oracle Intelligent Advisor, formerly known as Oracle Policy Automation (OPA), enables personalized, agile, and transparent advice throughout the customer journey.

Here on OTN, you can find everything you need to learn about, download, install and develop with this industry-leading product family. For more on what Oracle Intelligent Advisor can offer your business, see the Oracle Intelligent Advisor portal.

The Oracle Intelligent Advisor Family

Follow the links below for more information.

  • Oracle Intelligent Advisor Cloud Service includes a full set of tools and integration options to automate and audit policies with Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle CX or any other cloud or on-premise application. Oracle Intelligent Advisor Cloud Service includes:
    • Policy Modeling and Hub
    • Service Cloud connectivity
    • Determination APIs
    • Interviews
    • Web service connectivity
    • Mobile app
  • Oracle Intelligent Advisor is the private and managed cloud solution for modeling and deploying policies throughout the policy lifecycle. For customers that want to manage their own environments, it provides flexible deployment and integration options, and includes:
    • Oracle Policy Modeling
    • Siebel connectivity
    • Mobile app and SDK
    • Interviews
    • Determination APIs
    • Batch processing

New and Featured

  • Oracle Intelligent Advisor 12 with Siebel (Updated March 2017)
    Wondering when and how to migrate your OPA and Siebel implementation to Intelligent Advisor version 12? The Siebel integration planning data sheet (PDF) tells you where to start.

    Want to extend the Siebel IP2016 Intelligent Advisor integration to support native Intelligent Advisor interviews? The whitepaper on combining Siebel IP 2016 and native Intelligent Advisor 12.x Interviews (PDF) will help, using the zip provided on the Downloads page.

  • Oracle Intelligent Advisor in Any Industry (Updated October 2015)
    Can Oracle Intelligent Advisor help in your industry? It sure can! View the Intelligent Advisor in Any Industry presentation (PDF) for sample use cases and online demonstrations.
  • Oracle Intelligent Advisor Release 20D (12.2.21)
    The next generation of Oracle Inteligent Advisor for private and managed clouds has arrived. Follow the link for an overview, information on upgrading your on-premises installations from OPA 10.x, and more.
  • Top Pick: Best Practices and Policy Modeling Tips (Updated December 2019)
    The Oracle Policy Modeling Best Practice Guide for OPA 10.4 (PDF) or Intelligent Advisor 12.x (PDF) has valuable recommendations for how to design and model rules using Oracle Intelligent Advisor's unique natural language approach, and the Tips for Polishing your OPM Policy Model presentation for OPA 10.4 (PDF) or Intelligent Advisor 12.x (PDF) gives dozens of useful tips for delivering rich and natural-feeling interactive interviews and other decision-making experiences with Intelligent Advisor. Both have been written with the benefit of more than 15 years of practical experience in designing and delivering enterprise solutions using Intelligent Advisor, and are highly recommended reading for all skill levels.
  • Is Intelligent Advisor a Good Fit for My Business? (Updated December 2019)
    With all technology, knowing when to apply it is important. The whitepaper Is Intelligent Advisor a Good Fit for My Business (PDF) provides clear guidance on how to decide when to use (or not to use) Oracle Intelligent Advisor.

Oracle Intelligent Advisor Cloud Service

Featuring the next generation of Oracle Intelligent Advisor technology, Oracle Intelligent Advisor Cloud Service has been designed for rapid modeling and delivery of seamless end-to-end customer advice experiences. Key capabilities include:

  • Enhanced authoring productivity with new Policy Modeling experience, and powerful collaboration tools for policy owners
  • Simplified data integration with built-in knowledge of Oracle Service Cloud metadata, and support for any other application
  • Streamlined administration experience, with Intelligent Advisor Hub to easily track and manage deployments, versions and connections

Features and Benefits

The best place to start for an introduction to Oracle Intelligent Advisor Cloud Service, this presentation gives an overview of who it's for and how it works.

Oracle Intelligent Advisor Cloud Service User Guide

The Oracle Intelligent Advisor Cloud Service User Guide provides complete information on creating, deploying and administering Oracle Intelligent Advisor Cloud Service.

OPA Cloud Service Online Knowledge Base

The Oracle Service Cloud knowledge base contains answers and links to information on Oracle Intelligent Advisor. Be sure to login to see as many results as possible.

Oracle Intelligent Advisor for Private and Managed Clouds

Oracle Intelligent Advisor is the premier enterprise policy automation solution for businesses that need an on-premises approach. The latest release of Oracle Intelligent Advisor 12.x is also 100% compatible with Oracle Intelligent Advisor Cloud Service, allowing you to adopt a hybrid strategy as needed. This page provides links to top technical resources for Oracle Intelligent Advisor 12.x, as well as for 10.4 and earlier versions.

Top Resources for OPA 12.x

Features and Benefits

The best place to start for an introduction to Oracle Intelligent Advisor 12, this presentation gives an overview of who it's for and how it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the private cloud edition of OPA?
A.The private cloud edition is for customers and partners to install on their own premises, or in another cloud environment that is not being managed by Oracle.

Q.If we're licensed for OPA 10.x, are we permitted to upgrade to OPA 12.x?
A.Yes. The 12.x versions of Oracle Policy Modeling and Oracle Intelligent Advisor private cloud edition are licensed in the same way as the 10.x versions.

Q.When will OPA Connector for Siebel 12.x be available?
A.For version 12, we redesigned how OPA connects to other applications, and we want to make sure our Siebel customers can take advantage of these latest and greatest capabilities, too. Check back here for more information as it becomes available.

Q.Can we still buy and implement OPA 10.4?
A.Absolutely. Some features in OPA 10.4 don't yet have an equivalent in 12.x, and this may mean that OPA 10.4 is a better fit for some projects. As those gaps are filled, we expect fewer new projects will use 10.4.

Q.Should we upgrade to OPA 12.x?
A.OPA 12.x provides many new and enhanced features compared to 10.4. You should conduct an assessment to determine the impact on your organization of upgrading. For solutions using OPA Connector for Siebel, upgrading to 12.x is not recommended at this time.

Q.How do we upgrade to OPA 12.x?
A.A migration assistant is provided with OPA 12.x that brings across rules, test cases, screen definitions and more from a 10.x project. OPA 12.x has features that can replace the need for some previous customizations, so they should be carefully considered when upgrading.

Performance and Scalability

Whitepaper - Oracle Policy Automation Performance on SPARC T5-2 Server (January 2015) (PDF) : Provides an overview of how Oracle Policy Automation's proven architecture meets even the most demanding enterprise scalability and performance requirements. Includes performance results for both interactive and high-throughput tests using a variety of policy models.

Top Resources for OPA 10.x