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Supply Chain Planning

Focus on customers and grow your revenue. Make better, faster planning decisions. Align plans with operations to achieve results.

Service Management

Oracle E-Business Suite family of Service Applications provides true information-driven customer service—service that enables your agents and technicians to meet and exceed customer expectations by empowering them with information that is consistent, accurate, and actionable. Through comprehensive integration of service delivery channels including web-self service, agent-assisted service via the contact center, and field service, Oracle Service provides a single, robust platform for managing service-related information and processes.

Advanced Inbound Telephony

A telephony integration to all major telephone systems and supports leading CTI middleware. As a result, your customer interaction centers can support key functionality such as intelligent routing and queuing. In addition, integration with CRM applications enables agents to provide consistent handling of customer interactions. Business benefits include increased customer satisfaction, increased agent productivity, and decreased costs from accurate call routing.

  • Gain Seamless Integration—Gain native CTI support, IVR integration, and support for various switches and CTI middleware
  • Prioritize Your Best Customers—Ensure critical customers receive top handling, no matter which channel they use
  • Leverage Advanced Queuing Capabilities—Gain enhanced treatment, overflow, and group queuing of calls
  • Integrate with Oracle CRM—Provide seamless customer interactions via integration with TeleSales, TeleService, iStore, and other Oracle CRM applications
  • Measure Performance—Manage contact center performance with web-based analytics

Advanced Outbound Telephony

Helps you execute outbound calling campaigns with tools such as list management and predictive dialing. In addition, you gain real-time performance data for improved decision-making. Business benefits include increased outbound list penetration and improved agent productivity..

  • Maximize Success Rate—Dynamically create and prioritize list subsets. Set valid call times with campaign calendars
  • Leverage Predictive Dialing—Screen non-connected calls so agents focus their time on customer interactions
  • Support Multiple Dial Modes—Enable agents to use preview dial, progressive dial, predictive dial, or manual dial
  • Gain Sophisticated Call Recycling—Manage for unsuccessful contacts, including ring no answers (RNA), busies, answering machines, situation informational tones (SIT), modems, and faxes
  • Ensure Compliance—Gain support for "Do Not Contact" filtering to comply with Telephone Consumers Protection Act (TCPA)

Advanced Scheduler

Create a more productive and cost-effective schedules by using a set of predefined constraints and associated costs. Oracle Advanced Scheduler gives technicians real-time access to information and scheduling updates through wireless-enabled devices, and it enables dispatchers to transmit service requests and tasks to field service technicians' laptops or Palm devices instantaneously.

  • Improve planning and scheduling of service calls
  • Schedule field service technicians based on distances and traffic conditions
  • Set up automatic scheduling, optimizing resources such as cost, customer preference and parts availability

Depot Repair

Drives profitability by automating the entire in-house repair process, from the creation of the Return Material Authorization (RMA) to billing and shipment of the repaired product back to the customer. Technicians get a workbench to initiate RMAs and other repair activities, while customers are able to minimize down time with exchanges and loaners while products are being serviced.

  • Manages a wide spectrum of repair types
  • Provides repair technicians access to a knowledge base for troubleshooting and diagnosing problems for improved productivity
  • Ensures customer needs are met by giving repair technicians and depot managers a comprehensive view of customer information
  • Automates billing customers for repairs based on contractual entitlements

Email Center

A comprehensive e-mail response management system that helps manage high volumes of incoming messages. It minimizes response times by classifying incoming e-mails and routing them to qualified agents, and by automatically suggesting one or more responses. Email Center enables agents and managers to provide better service while increasing productivity.

  • Route Emails to the Right Agents—Automatically identify email intent based on linguistic properties, then route to agents best able to respond
  • Provide Automated Responses—Categorize email and fetch response documents matching identified keywords from the knowledge base repository
  • Leverage Knowledge Base—Leverage Marketing Encyclopedia System (MES) and Solution Management System to automate delivery of response documents and solution sets
  • Leverage Customer Information—Integrate with other Oracle CRM applications to access customer information, knowledge bases, and interaction history. Capture email activity to extend interaction history

Oracle Field Service

Field Service improves customer satisfaction by more accurately predicting a window to promise for service delivery, and it contains the Assignment Manager designed to eliminate guesswork surrounding qualification, availability, and geographic relevance of each field service technician.

  • Provide a centralized view and point of control for monitoring Field Service activities to increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Ensure adequate staffing and on-time arrival of field service personnel for improved customer satisfaction
  • Diagnose symptoms and potential resolution for service calls before dispatching field service resources to prevent unnecessary service calls
Data sheet: Oracle Field Service (PDF)


provide a secure, self-service web portal that delivers self-service functionality to customers and employees 24/7. Its sophisticated knowledge management system provides the information needed to solve problems, manage product configurations, and track orders, payments, shipments, returns, and contracts. The result: you improve customer satisfaction while driving down service costs.

  • Provide Solutions via Knowledge Management—Enable users to conduct basic or advanced searches across multiple repositories. Tailor knowledge base content to different user types. Track solution usefulness, then rank searches accordingly
  • Drive Sales—Provide notifications about special events, product upgrades, and contract renewals on customer homepages.
  • Speed Resolution for Complex Issues—Capture all critical data upfront via an option to require customers to answer key questions online before contacting an agent
  • Empower Large Customers to Manage Their Own Users—Enable customers to designate employees as administrators of their own user communities
  • Support Transactional Inquiries—Allow customers to access and search orders, invoices, payments, contracts, returns, and service requests. Permit customers to initiate product returns

Mobile Field Service

Enable customer service agents to access and update key information via both hand-held and laptop devices. While offline, agents can access complete customer, product, and service request data; manage schedules; order spare parts; record material, costs, and labor; and enter counter readings. Benefits include improved service levels, reduced service costs, faster billing cycles, and optimized inventory levels.

  • Speed Resolution with Complete Information Access—Enable agents to access and update complete customer, product, and service request information.
  • Respond Quickly to Last-Minute Schedule Changes—Provide agents with updated schedules while on the road. Enable agents to anticipate additional requests with complete information about all installed products.
  • Replenish Parts Based on Actual Inventory Levels——Enable agents to view parts on hand, order new parts, and view order status to reduce costs associated with over- and under-stocking.
  • Speed Billing Cycles——Enable agents to record time, labor, materials, and expenses upon job completion, so billing process begins even before agent returns.


A complete scripting and survey capabilities, including both authoring tools and a script engine. Scripts can be created, modified, and deployed to lead agents during customer interactions, prompting up-sell opportunities as well as providing detailed information to resolve customer questions. You also gain complete survey capabilities for gathering information on products, initiatives, customer satisfaction, and more.

  • Increase Agent Productivity and Effectiveness—Reduce agent training time. Automate alerts, including cross-selling and up-selling scripts. Provide consistent messages to customers
  • Gain Complete Survey Capabilities—Create and administer surveys and manage results. Target specific lists of customers and prospects for survey feedback
  • Streamline Script and Survey Creation—Build scripts and surveys with visual layout tools featuring branching logic. Easily reuse script components for faster script creation
  • Integrate Seamlessly with Oracle CRM—Create seamless agent environment with integration with Oracle TeleSales and Oracle Service. Instantly capture sales, customer information, and survey results in your CRM system

Service Contracts

Simplifies contract management and provides a centralized repository for entitlement information. Rapidly create, manage, and update service contracts, warranties, and extended warranties on sales of goods or services. Then provide service based on real-time entitlement data. As a result, you minimize contract leakage, increase recurring revenues, and provide targeted services while reducing operational costs.

  • Automate Contract Creation—Automatically create and update warranties that are included in bills of materials
  • Create Unique and Complex Contracts Quickly—Leverage templates for default coverage terms and other contractual attributes. Ensure contracts or groups of contracts pass pre-defined validation with built-in QA feature
  • Integrate with Oracle Advanced Pricing—Retrieve accurate prices of services or usage. Apply volume discounts
  • Create Real-time Repository of Entitlement Information—Ensure service levels while preventing contract leakage by creating a single database of entitlement information that can be shared across your service organization
  • Manage Renewals Proactively—Automatically inform customers and/or agents of pending contract expirations
Data Sheet: Oracle Service Contracts (PDF)

Oracle Spares Management

When obsolescence, shrinkage, and depreciation are factored in, the cost of acquiring, storing, deploying, and managing spare parts inventory can run as high as 40-50% of annual inventory values. Oracle Spares Management helps reduce inventory costs by providing logistics and planning features that directly address the selection and delivery of spare parts to field locations.

  • Decrease inventory levels, which results in lower carrying costs and reduced obsolescence
  • Improve parts visibility within the logistics process to ensure efficient parts tracking and notifications
  • Reduce logistics costs through efficient recovery, consolidation, and repair of defective parts
  • Deliver multi-channel access through integration with Oracle Interaction Center
  • Advance the flow of critical parts information while reducing technical integration costs via pre-delivered integration to Oracle Field Service
Data sheet: Oracle Spares Management (PDF)

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