Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning for Procurement Officers

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Project Leaders
ERP for Procurement Officers

Smarter Negotiations and Spending

Effectively managing your source to settle process
Revolutionize Procurement Icon Revolutionize Procurement

Are you effectively managing your source-to-settle process?

Deliver unprecedented insight to all types of users. A revolutionary approach to collaboration, business intelligence, and process automation changes the way procurement works.

A better way to manage off-contract spend
Control Spend icon Control Spend

Are you looking for a better way to manage off-contract spend?

Increase the level of satisfaction for your employees, reduce support costs, and ensure the highest level of compliance.

Are you collaborating with your suppliers
Facilitate Supplier Collaboration Icon Facilitate Supplier Collaboration

How effectively are you collaborating with your suppliers?

Make your suppliers better business partners. Give them instant access to the most current status of negotiations, agreements, purchase orders, advance shipment notifications, and invoices.

Sourcing solution integrated to all sources of demand
Enable Strategic Sourcing icon Enable Strategic Sourcing

Is your sourcing solution integrated to all sources of demand?

Increase sourcing bandwidth and exploit more savings opportunities with strategic sourcing. Collaborate and negotiate online to create agreements that provide the best terms.

Produce standardized agreements and ensure compliance
Enforce Compliant Contracts Icon Enforce Compliant Contracts

Can you produce standardized agreements and ensure compliance?

Reduce contract variability and risk with embedded standards enforcement. Gain visibility into agreements, shorten cycle time, and automate compliance to standards and agreements and risks.

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