Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne UX One

Transforming the User Experience

JD Edwards UX One provides an innovative user experience that enables users to perform their jobs more efficiently using an Alert-Analyze-Act design paradigm. UX One notifies the user when a situation requires attention and then provides real-time, visualized data for improved decision making. When action is required, UX One provides a direct path to the application. With role-based solutions and personalization options, UX One can help transform the user experience and enable users to work the way they want to work.

  • Oracle JD Edwards UX One 1

    Alert Analyze Act Paradigm.

  • Oracle JD Edwards UX One 2

    Team Customers Landing Page for the Customer Service Manager.

  • Oracle JD Edwards UX One 3

    Employee Organization Chart.

  • Oracle JD Edwards UX One 4

    Customization in a CaféOne Layout.

  • Oracle JD Edwards UX One 5

    Technology Components in UX One.

  • Oracle JD Edwards UX One 6

    Navigation from the charts to applications that enables you to drill-down into contextual data.

  • Role-based landing pages across JD Edwards products
  • Applications with visual UI controls such as maps, Gantt charts, and hierarchies
  • Personalization of forms, layouts, and more that end-users can do themselves
  • Tools for citizen developers to easily create EnterpriseOne Pages, and more
  • Delivered samples of code and utilities so that developers can create new components and visual applications
JD Edwards UX One at a Glance (PDF)

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