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JD Edwards World Products

Stay on top of your enterprise applications requirements with our low total cost of ownership solution built for operating on IBM Power Systems.

Financial Management

Built to exceed stakeholder’s financial expectations by creating timely, meaningful, and actionable information.

Accounts Payable

Provides comprehensive cash flow visibility, while enabling you to streamline the accounts payable process.

Accounts Receivable

Handle complex transactions quickly and automatically, minimize the need for manual processing, improve customer relationships, and enhance your organization's ability to respond to credit and collections issues.

General Ledger

A flexible foundation for your financial operations that streamlines processes and enables you to respond quickly to change.

Expense Management

Purchase card and travel expense management to effectively manage each type of transaction and the unique approval required by each system.

Fixed Assets

Track assets for critical financial and reporting needs, enabling you to produce fixed asset reports, maintain purchase requests for assets, reconcile assets, and maintain tax information.

Human Capital Management

Streamlines the key administrative tasks for workforce management, helping you improve data accuracy, reduce costs, and make critical business decisions.

Human Resources Management

Streamlines administrative tasks and gives you the tools to proactively implement workforce planning, oversee employee development, manage benefits, and watch over headcount spending. Flexible reporting tools help you track—and correct—employment trends.

Canadian Payroll

Automate complex processes, such as the calculation and reporting of employment insurance. Multiple payroll calendars and frequencies enable you to choose how often you process payroll.

U.S. Payroll

Run a more efficient payroll operation. Powerful, yet flexible, payroll functionality streamlines payroll processing, reducing complexity—and costs.

Time Accounting

Automate the processing of labor expenses, efficiently capturing labor data and transferring it to general ledger, job costing, and billing systems.

Project Management

Functional, affordable, and reliable, it adapts to the way you do business today—and in the future.

Contract and Service Billing

Provides the flexibility to set up billings correctly—easily handle frequent modifications to original agreements.

Project Costing

Provides visibility to all project costs and billing with a tailored view of original budget amounts, current costs, open commitments, final cost projections, and percent complete information for each project.

Distribution Management

A world-class solution to streamline distribution functions and realize operational excellence.

Advanced Pricing

Easily make price adjustments that reflect numerous criteria, including market segment, item unit of measure, supply point, line of business or end use, delivery mode and distance, tax and duty, payment terms, currency, exchange rate, and effective dates.

Bulk Stock Management

Manage high volume bulk inventory more easily and effectively, from original purchase through blending, storage, packaging, and sale.

Inventory Management

Pinpoint accuracy of product quantities and locations and instant access to item availability information—both within the facility and throughout the enterprise. Track inventory from receipt to shipping.

Procurement Management

Successfully manage suppliers with timely and accurate information, keeping the purchase-to-delivery cycle short, orders easy to track, and contract compliance simple to verify.

Sales Order Management

Rapidly access all the information you need to configure products, evaluate pricing options, provide up-sell and cross-sell suggestions, verify delivery dates, calculate freight, check customer credit, and convert quotes to orders—all from a single window.

Warehouse Management

Provides the flexible, automated support you need for better customer service and lower operating costs.

Manufacturing Management

Helps manufacturers, especially those that operate within a mixed-mode manufacturing environment, manufacture and distribute products on time, using efficient processes that optimize resources while satisfying customer expectations about quality, price, and delivery.

Product Costing / Manufacturing Accounting

Enables you to select the method that makes the most sense for effective cost and profitability management—at any time during the product lifecycle.

Requirements Planning

Simplifies your planning process by making it easy to incorporate all enterprise locations and mixed-mode production processes under one requirements planning umbrella.

Plant and Equipment Maintenance Management

Integrates preventive maintenance with asset acquisition and tracking to preserve employee safety and improve asset productivity.

Product Data Management

Provides “input once, available everywhere” consolidation of item descriptions, integrating information for discrete, process, and repetitive operations in multimode manufacturing environments

Quality Management

Supports modern total quality processes by helping manufacturers and distributors respond quickly to quality issues and adapt production to continually reduce quality exceptions.

Shop Floor Control

Manages the flow of materials inside the plant by executing the production plan that supports your inventory, cost, quality, and product lead-time objectives.

Real Estate Management
Real Estate Management

Whether you are an owner, a landlord, or both, Real Estate Management enables you to streamline financial and operational processes to be more competitive and increase profitability.

Homebuilder Management
Homebuilder and Repetitive Builder Management

Complete end-to-end integration, improved data flow, and enhanced communication, Oracle's JD Edwards World Homebuilder and Repetitive Builder Management supports and strengthens the entire repetitive building cycle, from planning new projects/communities to closing sales.

Additional Products
Advanced Technology

Technologies for extensibility, interoperability, reporting, and user experience modernize the robust JD Edwards World foundation for a proven low TCO and a flexible, agile IT infrastructure.


Efficiently handle multinational implementations. All country localizations coexist with each other and are supported in future releases, giving companies an upgrade path when they are ready. In addition, users can operate with screens and reports in their local language.