Oracle RightNow Social Monitor Cloud Service

Listen and Respond to the Social Web

Oracle RightNow Social Monitor Cloud Service enables you to listen in on and join conversations consumers are having about your products and services. Whether on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or RSS feeds from the blogosphere, you'll never be left in the dark. Take action by automatically capturing posts related to your brand and determining next steps to address your consumers needs.

Participate in the conversation

Participate in the conversation and know when to listen, contribute or re-direct interactions with proactive notification. Increase customer advocacy and retention by elevating your connection to customers.

Oracle RightNow Social Monitor Cloud Service
  • Follow relevant, real-time discussions related to your products and services on the most popular social media sources
  • Quickly identify potentially unhappy customers and prioritize their posts for agent follow-up
  • Increase agent efficiency by giving them a choice of options for responding to posts or incidents
  • Identify trends and other meaningful data with out-of-the-box reports

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