Siebel Dynamic Pricer

Plan, Administer, and Execute Pricing and Contract Policies

Siebel Dynamic Pricer is the application that provides a single source system enabling users to administer price lists and discount matrices used for multi-channel, global distribution ensuring the right price and discount guidance is always provided to the requesting systems or users. Siebel Dynamic Pricer is part of Oracle Price Management offering organizations an end-to-end solution for analyzing, planning, publishing, executing and negotiating price.

  • Siebel Bundle Promotion views

  • Siebel Price List Administration

  • Siebel Customer – Centric Order Capture process

  • Siebel Customer – Centric Pricing Management process

Siebel Dynamic Pricer
  • Automated price calculation decreases administrative tasks by replacing manual price look up systems
  • Currency rationalization enable users to create quotes, orders, and agreements in multiple currencies
  • Multiple prices improves visibility into recurring and nonrecurring prices for products
  • Consistent pricing increases revenue by eliminating rogue pricing and properly applying all pricing policies

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