Siebel Product and Catalog Management

Create, Deploy and Manage Across all Channels

Oracle's Siebel Product and Catalog Management application enables organizations to develop, manage, and deliver dynamic product catalogs across all channels. By using the software, companies can bundle profitable offerings; simplify the process of defining and classifying products; and equip marketers with tools for configuring pricing rules, staging content, managing approvals, and publishing catalogs.

  • Siebel Bundle Promotion views

  • Siebel Price List Administration

  • Siebel Customer – Centric Order Capture process

  • Siebel Customer – Centric Pricing Management process

Siebel Dynamic Pricer
  • Dynamic catalog—create catalogs once and deploy across all channels
  • Order management—ensure complex orders are accurate and complete
  • Customized deployment—configure the ideal solution for your needs
  • Product comparison—allow users to compare products side-by-side
  • Robust search—ensure that users can find the right product
  • Cross-sell and up-sell—enforce business rules while prompting agents to respond to higher-value orders

Siebel Quote & Order Capture Products

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