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AsiaPay makes payments painless with Oracle Cloud

AsiaPay’s payment gateway keeps commerce flowing in 144 currencies. With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, it can scale beyond 40 million transactions a year while personalizing services and fighting fraud.

INDUSTRY: Financial Services

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About the customer

Cross-border expertise

Founded in 2000, AsiaPay’s advantage as a digital payment gateway is its emphasis on processing payments for multiple currencies, languages, channels, and devices across 15 countries. Thanks to this strength in cross-border transactions, the Hong Kong-based company serves many international retailers that prefer to standardize on a single payment flow vendor.

Today, the company is experiencing huge growth. With that demand comes an ocean of Internet of Things data, including from mobile and touchscreen devices. A single transaction may offer more than 100 data points detailing location, bank balance, biometrics, and more, which can all be analyzed for fraud detection.

AsiaPay processed 40 million transactions in 2018 and experienced 80 percent growth in data volume.

Fierce competition means that we need to continually explore new ways to support increasingly diverse payment methods, channels, and experiences.
Issac Leung, Senior IT Manager, AsiaPay

Customer Story

Nimble and secure

Staying abreast of the increasingly global, intelligent, and personalized online payment industry means that AsiaPay must be nimble enough to add new channels quickly—and wise enough to detect fraud instantly.

For example, AsiaPay’s fraud detection analysis map may show an order payment with an IP address in Taiwan, an issuing bank in the Philippines, and a delivery address in Malaysia. Machine learning built into Oracle Database can score this transaction as risky and warn the merchant.

An Oracle customer for more than 18 years, AsiaPay is now building its next-generation gateway on Oracle Cloud. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse helps AsiaPay, says CEO Joseph Chan, by letting his teams easily migrate data to the cloud, reduce administrative chores, build prototypes without procurement paperwork (thanks to Oracle Universal Credits), and use machine learning to stop fraud in real time.

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Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Analytics

Using machine learning in Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, AsiaPay’s customers gain real-time insights across payment methods, currencies, and regions to reduce fraud and predict demand.

With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, we can utilize AI to distinguish trade risk in real time.

Joseph Chan, CEO and Founder, AsiaPay