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Advanced Intelligence for Oracle Responsys

Target the right customers, tailor content—personalized based on their interests—and deliver it to their channel of choice. Reduce churn and improve engagement with intelligent segmentation and look-alike modeling.

With purpose-built AI capabilities in Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, marketers accomplish more while improving all customer interactions.

Learn how Oracle Responsys Campaign Management can help you.

Fatigue analysis

Fine-tune email messaging frequency

Increase engagement and reduce the number of customers who unsubscribe using prebuilt intelligent segment labels:

  • Undersaturated
  • Just right
  • Saturated
  • Oversaturated

How to handle email marketing oversaturation

Assessing marketing fatigue (3:22)
Fatigue analysis

Intelligent switch

Orchestrate smarter journeys

Optimize customer journeys to improve opens, clicks, and conversions. Intelligent switch automatically selects the best campaign, channel, and time to deliver an email to each customer or potential customer. You’ll spend less time developing customer journeys while minimizing errors and improving customer experience.

Intelligent switch

Subject line predictions

Improve email open rates

Improve open rates with subject lines that are more enticing to recipients. Subject line predictions uses machine learning (ML) to evaluate open rates from past email campaigns. This data is then used to forecast which subject line will produce a higher- or lower-than-average open rate for your current campaign.

Subject line predictions

Intelligent audience selector

Enrich the customers’ journeys with look-alike targeting

Improve conversions by identifying the data profiles of customers who convert during their journey by automatically adding new, look-alike customers. An enhanced visual dashboard helps you analyze data and further improve campaign performance. Review easily digestible analytics that compare and contrast the performance of the initial target audience during their journeys against the AI-selected look-alike audience.

View intelligent audience selector reports
Intelligent audience selector

Predictive customer lifetime value

Determine customer lifetime value

Find the hidden potential within your customer list. Leverage AI-built audience segments to optimize targeting and personalize content for:

  • High spenders
  • Medium spenders
  • Low spenders
Predictive customer lifetime value overview
Predictive customer lifetime value

Send time optimization

Engage customers at the right time

Improve marketing campaign metrics by sending emails or push notifications to individuals based on when they’re most likely to engage. Oracle Responsys Campaign Management uses historical customer activity data to determine the best day and time to schedule your marketing campaigns.

Send time optimization overview
Send time optimization


of companies are already using AI and machine learning


plan to use AI to create highly personalized experiences


say AI and machine learning is the emerging tech that will have the most impact on business


increased spend-per-customer with AI

75% of C-suite executives believe that if they don’t scale AI they risk going out of business entirely.

Accenture: "AI: Built to Scale,” November 2019

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