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Achieve real-time, accurate inventory planning

Fashion retail customers expect the latest trend styles to be readily available, including a seamless experience across all channels.

Demo Retail Solutions
Demo Retail Solutions
A Shift in the Consumer Shopping Experience

A Shift in the Consumer Shopping Experience

  • Build loyalty. Target product and assortment offerings.
  • To stay loyal to a retailer, 53% of consumers reported new and exciting products and assortment with personalized offers are important.

  • Gain a consistent view of pricing and margins.
  • When browsing, 55% of shoppers are compelled to purchase when they find a great price on a product they have wanted to try.

  • Optimize supply-chain fulfillment.
  • 47% of consumers associate out-of-stock items with a bad shopping experience and 63% will seek an alternate store for purchase.

How Can Hardlines Retailers and Specialty Retailers Thrive?

Build up your strategies for agile inventory management, exceeding today’s supply chain expectations and delivering targeted promotions to increase margin and free working capital.

Make your inventory work for you

What inventory do you have? Where is it? And is it sellable?

Break the chain out of supply chain

How do you flow goods to cover multiple touchpoints with products moving in more than one direction and even changing directions midflow?

Modernize customer acquisition campaigns

Do you have a good handle on who your customers are? Do you know who are your superfans and habitual buyers as well as the occasional shoppers?

Celebrating Hardlines Retail and Specialty Retail Success

Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg and the power of science-infused merchandise planning and optimization.



McColl’s pivots during crisis to serve vulnerable customers with Oracle.

Home Choice

Home Choice

Home shopping retailer turns browsers into buyers with Oracle Cloud.


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