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Sporting goods retailers move to the cloud

As consumer demands shift in this new shopping era, modern cloud technology is helping sporting goods retailers to enhance customer experience at all points. Discover how omnichannel retail strategies empower sporting goods retailers to focus on the customer experience.

Demo Retail solutions
Demo retail solutions

How to thrive as a sporting goods retailer

Enable and educate your staff: 57% respond that knowledgeable and intelligent staff is an important reason to continue shopping with a retailer, especially when trying a new sport or adopting a new routine.

Develop speed and agility in your service model: 71% respond that speed of service, checkout experience, and delivery options are essential. Retailers who adapted to new delivery models earned a new level of loyalty.

Streamline operations and strengthen your core: 47% of consumers polled associated out-of-stock items with a bad shopping experience, and 63% would seek an alternate store to purchase the items.

Source: Anatomy of Change: Understanding Consumer Behavior in the New Next 2020 (PDF)

Celebrating omnichannel retail success



SCHEELS delivers a comprehensive and complete customer experience deploying Oracle Retail Xstore Office Cloud Service.

Cape Union Mart

Cape Union Mart

Outdoor retailer Cape Union Mart selected Oracle to modernize its retail operations, fueling growth across all sales channels with better inventory visibility.



German sporting goods retailer SportScheck dazzles shoppers with efficient mobile retail POS, keeping customers on the move.

Sporting goods retailer strategies

Reinvent the store experience

How can you improve your customers’ experience through engagement and create flexibility in your store environment?

Attract new customers

How do you acquire customers and ensure you retain your best ones? How do you gain insights into your customers’ purchases and behavior?

Deliver compelling assortments

How do you keep your shoppers coming back for more?