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The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Sophisticated Testing Platform

Make testing easy! Marketers can design, deploy, analyze, and scale tests, all from one easy-to-use interface. Additionally, multivariate tests can auto-select winning communications and scale them across targeted audiences, allowing marketers to win every time. Learn more, faster, through integrated testing—which means near-real-time results.

Speed up and Scale Testing Across All Communications

    • Enlightened Automation: With sophisticated technology, Winner Select does all of the heavy lifting.
    • Data Driven: Winner Select uses data to choose the best option, every time.
    • True Cross-Channel Testing: Test across a wide variety of metrics, such as click thru rate and open rate, across email, SMS, push, and in-app messaging.
Winner Select screenshot

Maximize Revenue and Engagement From Every Message

  • Multivariate Testing: Best Results Guaranteed by testing subject line, from name, and content with up to 8 versions of every email.
  • Send Time Optimization: Ensure timely engagement by connecting with a customer at the right time.
  • Testing Made Easy: Complex testing scenarios can be created in one easy step and winners are automatically called out.
Multivariate Testing screenshot

Effortlessly Test Across Channels and Optimize for Success

  • Drag and Drop Convenience: Our easy to use, drag and drop, cross-channel testing capabilities are all delivered in one integrated canvas.
  • Scale Cross-Channel Testing: Understand how channel, content, and preferences influence customer behaviors as they move across programs.
  • More than A/B Subject Line Testing: Test cadence, frequency, sequencing across all channels—email, sms, push, in-app, display, and more.
Cross-Channel Testing screenshot

Take the Pain out of Testing!

How does Oracle Testing & Optimization help marketers deliver experiences that convert? Oracle Responsys helps marketers with built-in tools like Multivariate Testing, Winner Select, and more to reduce implementation and iteration dependencies on IT and leverage complex testing strategies—all while remaining easy to use.

How is Oracle Testing & Optimization different than other tools and platforms? Oracle Marketing Cloud brings all of the production and analysis functions of testing and optimizing into the same platform marketers already use. This makes it easy for marketers to not only test, but optimize, successfully across channels by monitoring response in near real-time and automatically scaling the experiences customers love most.

Go Further with Customer Experience Optimization
See the Results

Marketing Cloud Customer Stories

Aer Lingus logo

Aer Lingus Revenue Per Email Flies 132% Higher Than Travel Industry Benchmark

Having relied on a batch-and-blast approach to email marketing, Aer Lingus partnered with Oracle Marketing Cloud with the aim of fostering strong and long-lasting relationships with its customer base.
eHarmony logo

eHarmony Ignites Relationships Using Unique Data

eHarmony uses Oracle Marketing Cloud to achieve much higher engagement in digital marketing relationships with deeply personalized campaigns.
Canon logo

Canon Personalized Customer Conversations with Oracle

Canon Australia uses Oracle Marketing Cloud to personalize customer conversations with individuals and companies.
Telstra logo

Telstra Makes Meaningful Connections for Deeper Customer Relationships

Our newly redesigned customer e-newsletter is a valuable channel to help us serve and know our customers better than anyone else.
—Wilhelm De Salvo, Senior Digital Channels Specialist, Telstra
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