Oracle Learning Integrates LinkedIn Learning for Skills Development

By Hernan Capdevila, Vice President, Applications Development, Oracle Cloud HCM10 de noviembre de 2021
LinkedIn Learning

We are currently at an interesting turning point in the lifecycle of careers. A couple of generations ago, American workers would spend their entire professional lives moving up the ranks of a single company. They would start in entry level roles and—through recognition and seniority—get promotions until they receive their gold watch for 50 years of service. Now, the median number of years for someone to stay with a company is just over 4 and employees are quitting jobs at record rates. This trend will only intensify as the needs of today’s workforce continue to evolve. We’re already seeing drastic changes in movements like “The Great Resignation” with as many as 1 in 4 people looking to change jobs or careers as workplaces reopen.

LinkedIn Learning

Now more than ever, HR departments need to focus on keeping employees engaged, developing top talent, and helping their workforce to drive their careers forward. Otherwise, they risk losing workers to companies offering more personalized opportunities.

The key to this strategy is skills development and learning. Companies need to help workers adapt their skills to meet evolving business goals, and employees want to work for companies that give them opportunities to grow their careers. Employee learning programs can help organizations meet both demands. But many corporate learning systems are disconnected from core HR data, creating more work for organizations to keep their systems up-to-date and making it nearly impossible for employees to find the right learning opportunities to advance their careers.

That is why I’m so excited to share that Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) is extending our collaboration with LinkedIn to bring the library of LinkedIn Learning content—including over 17,000 expertly-produced courses across 7 languages—to our shared customers using Oracle Learning, our learning management solution.

With this integration, joint Oracle and LinkedIn Learning customers are able to access their existing LinkedIn Learning subscription through Oracle Learning. This creates a single, up-to-date catalog of courses for employees to browse and review recommended trainings that align with personal development goals. Over the last year, early customers of this integration have already completed more than 80,000 courses.

LinkedIn Learning offers high-quality, professionally produced content that is fresh and relevant for all types of learners. Oracle Learning is a skills-driven learning platform built into Oracle Cloud HCM, providing learners with a single place to access internal and external learning content to develop skills that will advance their career and align with corporate goals.

With the LinkedIn Learning integration, Oracle Learning empowers employees to develop their careers in more meaningful ways and helps HR leaders build a team of engaged and happy workers. When an employee’s career path changes, the integration helps workers meet new skills goals by pushing relevant LinkedIn Learning course recommendations and automatically adding the new skills to their profiles after they complete a course. Organizations can also take advantage of Oracle’s advanced suite of skills tracking and development capabilities, such as those released earlier this year in Oracle Dynamic Skills.

This integration builds on our existing collaboration with LinkedIn Talent Solutions to help recruiters find and connect with top candidates through Recruiter System Connect, and help workers improve career mobility with LinkedIn Profile Import. We’re excited to continue this incredible collaboration while helping organizations navigate the ever-evolving future of work.

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