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Forrester Report: Omni-Channel Commerce

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  • Omnichannel capabilities cover four key areas: view of the customer, engagement, fulfillment, and pricing. The COVID-19 pandemic has turbo-charged the speed with which businesses focus on omnichannel fulfillment. This report helps digital business professionals understand how to transform, why these areas are separate projects, and why these capabilities are critical to win and retain business from empowered customers.
  • Evolving fully to omnichannel requires changes beyond commerce channels. This report also tells digital business professionals to focus on four other key aspects of omnichannel to optimize ROI.
  • Digital business pros recognize that they must switch from legacy spreadsheet measurement techniques to advanced solutions that combine data across all conversion points and engagement channels to analyze their unified impact. As many digital business pros prioritize moving their organizations to omnichannel, it’s critical to invest in technology that enables this change in every aspect of their business, allowing them to plan, research, and improve both customer experiences and operational efficiencies.

Customer perspective

One thing we’re really proud of with this implementation is we’ve already seen an 81.5% increase in our on-time shipments. With global order promising, we are able to speed up the orders, run through the processes, and within a reasonable time, come back and have dates we can give to our customers that are proven to be reliable.

Charles Chamberlain Director of IT, Srixon/Cleveland Golf

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