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Oracle Data Safe

Data Safe provides database security assessments, user assessments, activity auditing, sensitive data discovery, and data masking, all in a single console. These capabilities help organizations manage the day-to-day security of their Oracle Databases, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Ovum report: Oracle Data Safe consolidates database security

Learn about the shared responsibility model of cloud computing and how Oracle Data Safe simplifies database security by unifying data security tasks on a single pane of glass.

Oracle Data Safe features

Prevent configuration drift

Quickly assess database security posture and receive configuration recommendations, including requirements for EU GDPR compliance.

Enforce the principle of least privilege

Minimize user risk by managing privileges and authentications. Identify risky behavior and overprivileged users.

Monitor database operations

Collect audit data from databases and flag anomalous operations. Provision custom audit, alert, and compliance policies.

Streamline audits

Simplify and accelerate compliance efforts with interactive and customizable reports to share with auditors.

Understand data and risk

Discover and classify over 120 sensitive data types. Reveal the data type, location, and amount of sensitive data within databases.

Eliminate risk from DevTest

Replace sensitive data with realistic yet obscured data for safe use in development, test, and partner environments.

View security posture and events

Understand database security posture, view alerts and manage data security with Data Safe’s interactive dashboard.

Cloud or on-premises

Leverage Data Safe to secure Oracle Databases running in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, on-premises, or on Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer.

Oracle Data Safe use cases

  • Protect sensitive data

    Reveal sensitive data in databases, including data type, location, and amount, and then mask data for DevTest use.

  • Accelerate regulatory compliance

    Assess your security posture, close gaps that may result in noncompliance, and generate reports to share with auditors.

use cases

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Technical report

Secure Critical Data with Oracle Data Safe


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