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Oracle OpenWorld & Oracle Code One 2019
Oracle OpenWorld & Oracle Code One 2019 
Oracle OpenWorld and CodeOne are happening concurrently on September 16-19, 2019 at Moscone Center. Come learn how to do more with your applications and technologies and network with product experts and peers and the Oracle Linux & Virtualization sessions and register now.
Oracle Linux 8
Oracle Linux 8
With Oracle Linux 8, the core operating environment and associated packages for a typical Oracle Linux 8 server are distributed through a combination of BaseOS and Applications Streams. BaseOS gives you a running user space for the operating environment. Get the details.
The Cloud Native Equation
The Cloud Native Equation
Cloud native computing is becoming an every-day part of mainstream cloud application development. Cloud native computing can also bolster the development of advanced applications powered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), internet of things (IoT), among others.Read more.
Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager
Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager
This new server virtualization management platform can be easily deployed to configure, monitor, and manage an Oracle Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) environment with enterprise-grade performance and support from Oracle.Find out more. Accelerates their Digital Transformation with Oracle Linux Accelerates their Digital Transformation with Oracle Linux
Learn why, one of the largest media groups in Latin America, has switched from Red Hat to Oracle Linux and how they have improved performance, met their availability requirements, and saved on support costs. Watch now.
Oracle Linux 8 Installation
This article provides a step by step pictorial guide for performing a basic installation of Oracle Linux 8 (OL8). Read more.

Oracle Linux 7 Update 7 Available Now
Individual RPM packages are available on the Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN) and the Oracle Linux yum server. Read more.

New FIPS 140-2 Certifications 
OpenSSL cryptographic module for Oracle Linux 7.5 and 7.6 has received FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certification. This certification adds to recent, related certifications and advancements, which enable Oracle Linux to deliver more security features that can help keep systems secure and improve the speed and stability of your operations on premises and in the cloud. Get the details.

Using Ksplice To Detect Exploit Attempts
A new feature of Ksplice is Known Exploit Detection. When you patch your system with Ksplice, not only is the security vulnerability closed, but also tripwires are laid down for privilege escalation vulnerabilities. If an attacker attempts to exploit a CVE you’ve patched, Ksplice notifies you. Read more.

Gluster Storage New Release
Gluster Storage Release 5 for Oracle Linux 7, brings customers higher performance, new storage capabilities and improved management. Find out more.

Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel(UEK) Latest Release
UEK R5 Update 2 is based on the mainline kernel version 4.14.35. Through actively monitoring upstream check-ins and collaboration with partners and customers, Oracle continues to improve and apply critical bug and security fixes to the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) R5 for Oracle Linux. Get the details.

Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.0.10 Release
This new release includes improvements and regression fixes such as fixes to resize problems and improved device identification for USBs. Get the details. 

Getting started with Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager
Installing the new Manager and getting Oracle Linux KVM servers connected for your test or development environment is simple and can be done very quickly. Find out more.

Oracle VM Certification with Oracle Enterprise Manager
Oracle VM is certified with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c releases 13.2 and 13.3. This enables the registration, monitoring and management of Oracle VM with these two releases. Find out more.

Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Database 19c
Oracle VM Templates provide a fast and easy way of deploying a Single Instance Oracle Database or an Oracle RAC cluster in Oracle VM, for test and production environments. Get the details.
CyberWire Security Podcast with Wim Coekaerts
CyberWire Security Podcast with Wim Coekaerts
Wim Coekaerts speaks about the importance of security in the age of Artificial Intelligence in this CyberWire podcast. Check it out.
Top 5 Reasons for Accelerating Your Cloud Native DevOps with Oracle Linux
Webinar: Top 5 Reasons for Accelerating Your Cloud Native DevOps with Oracle Linux
Discover 5 reasons to accelerate your cloud native DevOps with exciting new CNCF® certified offerings from Oracle. Get insights on how to quickly and easily deploy production-like environments and scale to production-ready services. Watch now.
Improving Federal Security with Automated patching
Webinar: Improving Federal Security with Automated patching
Learn why automating manual processes in the data center, particularly security patching, is a key factor that will allow federal agencies to meet compliance standards and keep data secure while freeing up resources for other critical tasks. Watch now.
Featured Training:

With Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment training, we bring you a series of free, short videos to help get you started with the component technologies.

The Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment is a curated set of open source Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) projects that can be easily deployed and have been tested for interoperability.

Get started on your learning path today with: Kubernetes, Kata, Docker, Helm, and Prometheus.

Partner Highlights:

- Lenovo Servers with Ampere Arm Processors now Qualified on Oracle Linux

- Cisco Qualifies Cisco Tetration Platform on Oracle Linux Running on Oracle Exadata Database Machine

For more 3rd party hardware certified on Oracle Linux and Virtualization, please check the Hardware Certification List.

For 3rd party software supported on Oracle Linux and Virtualization, please check the ISV Catalog.
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