Code Assist

Oracle Code Assist is an AI code companion that boosts developer velocity, enhances code consistency, and is optimized for Java, SQL, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).*

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Code Assist capabilities

  • Generate code to help improve productivity

    Build applications faster and improve your productivity.

  • Generate test cases to help increase test coverage

    Increase developer productivity and test quality with better test coverage spanning a greater variety of test inputs.

  • Annotate code to help improve code readability

    Improve code understanding and maintainability of the application with automatically generated API documentation or comments.

  • Analyze code to help optimize code quality and efficiency

    Identify bugs and inefficiencies and produce opinionated code based on best practices.

  • Tailor suggestions based on organizational guidelines

    Identify inconsistency between the user’s code and your organization’s existing codebase, which helps with reviews, updates, integration, and more.

  • Provide suggestions for code to run better on OCI

    Maximize utility and boost effectiveness of applications that run on OCI and use OCI services.

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*Developers within Oracle are using Oracle Code Assist to build new services.
We intend to make it available externally in the future.