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The Modern Business Talks | IT

The Modern Business Talks

Live and on-demand webinars on how to digitize your business.

IT Webinars

You play a pivotal part in the enterprise IT vision and portfolio. As well as “keeping the lights on” and cutting costs, you must establish the company’s technical vision, set its strategic direction, consult across other departments and innovate. View these webinars and discover how to excel in your role.

Integrated Business Planning [Russian]

Get unique insight into your planning process from each department’s perspective, then have your integrated business planning questions answered (from basics such as what it is, to more advanced queries about balancing different teams’ needs).

Integrated Business Planning

How to Achieve Employee Involvement [Russian]

Achieve business utopia by building a collaborative, forward-thinking team. This webinar will show you how to adopt and apply social trends to involve and motivate your employees – boosting productivity and driving innovation.

How to Achieve Employee Involvement

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