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Data Science & Machine Learning Approach Workshop

Unlock the potential of AI, machine learning and data science through an interactive ideation workshop tailored to your business goals.

This interactive session empowers you to align Oracle’s cutting-edge AI technology with tangible business outcomes. Join us in this workshop where the synergy of ideas and expertise converges into a business lead data science driven journey.

Data Science & Machine Learning Approach Workshop


Oracle’s ‘Data Science & Machine Learning Approach Workshop’ offers an engaging ideation session that takes participants on a journey from creating lots of ideas through to mapping the ideas to practical AI & ML techniques and then ultimately assessing the business value behind each idea. This is done in a fun an interactive way with lots of relevant customer examples showing practical solutions using Oracle’s AI & ML capabilities.

You will spend 90 minutes with Oracle AI & Data Science specialists and at the end you will have a prioritised list of high value AI & ML use cases.

Hearing the latest customer examples and seeing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in action you will leave the workshop equipped with the insights needed to transform AI and data science concepts into practical reality and ultimately deliver business value at speed.

This workshop is designed for existing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers with AI and machine learning objectives. Oracle have been using this engagement model for over an extensive period and our customers testify to this modern and innovative approach to technology.

Workshop Approach

Together with Oracle experts you will explore how to design and implement AI, ML & Data Science projects as a team. We will

  • Discuss key AI and data science concepts that will help to adopt AI in your organisation
  • Brainstorm and Prioritize use cases in a structured environment for generating business value & innovation
  • Understand how & where Oracle can help with latest cloud capabilities & project examples
  • Decide on the next best steps to create new business strategies or improve existing ones with an AI mind set.

Data Science & Machine Learning Approach Workshop

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