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Oracle Cloud Regions—Data Centers Reimagined

Oracle Cloud Regions provide global, secure, high performance environments to move, build, and run all your workloads, from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to Oracle Cloud Applications.

Serving customers from31cloud regions

Data centers in14countries

Planning13new regions

Karte: Global Cloud Data Center Infrastructure
Marseille (Frankreich)
Frankreich 2
Mailand (Italien)
Stockholm, Schweden
Abu Dhabi, VAE
Israel 2
Chile 2
Saudi 2
Johannesburg, Südafrika
Commercial Jerusalem, Israel
Commercial US West (San Jose) OCI-Azure Interconnect
Commercial US West (Phoenix)
Government US Gov West (Phoenix) DISA Impact Level 5 Authorization
Government US DoD West (Phoenix) FedRAMP High Joint Authorization Board
Commercial Canada Southeast (Toronto) OCI-Azure Interconnect
Government US DoD North (Chicago) DISA Impact Level 5 Authorization
Commercial US East (Ashburn) OCI-Azure Interconnect
Government US Gov East (Ashburn) FedRAMP High Joint Authorization Board
Government US DoD East (Ashburn) DISA Impact Level 5 Authorization
Commercial Canada Southeast (Montreal)
Commercial Chile (Santiago)
Commercial Brazil Southeast (Vinhedo) OCI-Azure Interconnect
Commercial Brazil East (Sao Paulo)
Commercial UK West (Newport)
Government UK Gov West (Newport)
Commercial UK South (London) OCI-Azure Interconnect
Government UK Gov South (London)
Commercial Netherlands Northwest (Amsterdam) OCI-Azure Interconnect
Commercial Germany Central (Frankfurt) OCI-Azure Interconnect
Commercial Switzerland North (Zurich)
Commercial Saudi Arabia West (Jeddah)
Commercial UAE East (Dubai)
Commercial India West (Mumbai)
Commercial India South (Hyderabad)
Commercial South Korea Central (Seoul)
Commercial South Korea North (Chuncheon)
Commercial Japan East (Tokyo) OCI-Azure Interconnect
Commercial Japan Central (Osaka)
Commercial Australia East (Sydney)
Commercial Australia Southeast (Melbourne)

  • Australien
  • Zwei Regionen (Sydney, Melbourne)
  • Brasilien
  • Zwei Regionen (Sao Paulo, Vinhedo)
  • Kanada
  • Zwei Regionen (Toronto, Montreal)
  • Chile
  • Eine Region (Santiago)
  • Europäische Union
  • Drei Regionen (Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Zürich)
  • Indien
  • Zwei Regionen (Mumbai, Hyderabad)
  • Israel
  • Eine Region (Jerusalem)
  • Japan
  • Zwei Regionen (Tokio, Osaka)
  • Saudi-Arabien
  • Eine Region (Jeddah)
  • Südkorea
  • Zwei Regionen (Seoul, Chuncheon)
  • Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
  • Eine Region (Dubai)
  • Vereinigtes Königreich
  • Zwei Regionen (London, Newport)
  • Vereinigte Staaten
  • Drei Regionen (Ashburn, Phoenix, San Jose)
Commercial geplant

  • Abu Dhabi, VAE
  • Johannesburg, Südafrika
  • Marseille (Frankreich)
  • Mailand, Italien
  • Singapur
  • Stockholm, Schweden
  • Chile 2
  • Kolumbien
  • Frankreich 2
  • Israel 2
  • Mexiko
  • Saudi-Arabien 2
  • Spanien

  • Vereinigtes Königreich
  • Zwei UK-Gov-Regionen (London, Newport)
  • Vereinigte Staaten
  • Zwei US-Gov-Regionen (Ashburn, Phoenix) und drei Regionen des US-Verteidigungsministeriums (Ashburn, Chicago, Phoenix)

Oracle Cloud-Regionen

Mit der Cloud der nächsten Generation erfüllt Oracle die Anforderungen von Unternehmenskunden weltweit, die geografisch verteilte Regionen für echte Geschäftskontinuität, Katastrophenschutz und regionale Compliance-Anforderungen benötigen.

Oracle Cloud at a glance

Worldwide and On-Premises

Oracle Cloud is available globally from more than 30 cloud regions, and we are rapidly building new regions. Our goal is to offer regions in proximity to our customers to meet their data sovereignty requirements, while providing true disaster protection with multiple geographically distributed cloud regions in every country.

Oracle Cloud serves commercial businesses, the US and UK governments, and the US Department of Defense with distinct regions that must meet specific security, compliance and other tenancy requirements.

Oracle also has unique hybrid cloud options, including Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, which offers Oracle Cloud services on the customer’s premises. This range of options provides customers access to all cloud services—current and future—the same SLAs for availability, performance, and management, as well as consistent APIs for simplified management.

Performance and Reliability

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s (OCI) next-generation architecture provides a high-performing, resilient foundation for cloud services.

OCI’s physical and virtual network design maximizes performance and security, and enables the fast provisioning and on-demand consumption of more than 80 cloud services, including unique bare metal GPUs, clustered databases (Oracle RAC), and Oracle Exadata database-optimized shapes.

Within each cloud region, customers can distribute their applications across at least three Fault Domains, a grouping of hardware and infrastructure that enables protection against common hardware or power failures, while also supporting rolling maintenance. Availability Domains in some regions provide additional resiliency.

Built for Every Workload

OCI offers more than 80 cloud services, with many more on their way. Our cloud services are open, and they embrace industry standards like Kubernetes, CloudEvents, and Terraform so that customers can enjoy portability, lower overhead, and lower costs. We built our cloud to deliver the performance and scalability customers need to run the most demanding enterprise workloads and modern cloud native applications. For example, we uniquely offer Oracle Autonomous Database for both existing and new applications, which is optimized for transaction processing, data warehousing, or JSON, with automatic tuning, scaling, and patching.

Net Zero Targets

Oracle Cloud Regions deliver a more sustainable computing platform that is efficient and renewable. Our data centers enable higher utilization rates than on-premises systems. We leverage state-of-the-art intelligent energy management and cooling techniques, while providing elastic computing platforms that grow dynamically as needed, eliminating excess capacity builds for future demands.

Oracle has a goal of achieving 100% renewable energy use in all its OCI data centers by 2025.

By having full visibility and control over the hardware at the end of its useful life in Oracle Cloud, Oracle is also able to repurpose equipment more effectively, harvest spare parts, and maximize the recycling of materials.

Cloud-based Applications

Oracle is also taking advantage of our own infrastructure innovation with Oracle Cloud Applications. For the first time, customers can run applications they migrate, applications they build, and a broad range of horizontal and industry SaaS, all out of the same cloud. Oracle Cloud Regions can not only run customer workloads, but also offer enterprise SaaS like Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, Oracle Human Capital Management, and Oracle Supply Chain Planning, providing unmatched speed, security, and continuity.

Built for Multicloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Microsoft Azure have a strategic partnership that enables joint customers to run workloads across the two clouds.

This partnership provides a low latency cross-cloud interconnect between OCI and Azure in six regions, federated identity for joint customers to deploy applications across both clouds, and a collaborative support model.

Customers can run full stack applications in a multicloud configuration, while maintaining high performance connectivity without requiring re-architecture. They can also migrate existing applications or develop cloud native applications that use a mix of OCI and Azure services.

Oracle Cloud Insider

Erhalten Sie aktuelle Branchentrends, Best Practices sowie Produktupdates und informieren Sie sich über neue Schulungsprogramme und bevorstehende Veranstaltungen.

Oct 13, 2021

Oracle Reaffirms Commitment to Israel by Opening New OCI Region in Jerusalem

To continue supporting Israeli organizations with enterprise cloud services, Oracle today announced the opening of a new, highly secure underground cloud region in Jerusalem. Oracle is the first global cloud provider to open a cloud region in the country. This cloud region will offer all Oracle Cloud services, including Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications.

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