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Oracle Cloud helps bring banking to rural India

AU Small Finance Bank is delivering financial services to businesses and entrepreneurs across unbanked and underserved areas in India. Oracle Cloud technology assists in providing oft-ignored entrepreneurs with much-needed funding.

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Bridging the financial divide

Since its founding in 1996, the company initially known as AU Financiers Ltd. provided an array of banking and investment services across India. Two decades later, the firm transformed itself into AU Small Finance Bank, with a clear focus on financial inclusion—that is, bringing essential banking services to “unbanked” rural communities and entrepreneurs, who were overlooked by traditional urban-based banks.

Since its reinvention in 2017, AUSFB uses innovative technologies to serve customers who lack financial records, established histories, and even credit ratings. Now, rural farmers can more easily buy tractors, photographers can buy new cameras, and textile workers can upgrade their equipment.

In India, nearly 200 million citizens over the age of 15 don’t have access to a physical bank—or a bank account.

We are able to go to these entrepreneurs, understand their business, and provide funding. We bridge the gap for thousands of people.
Uttam Tibewal, Executive Director, AU Small Finance Bank

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Banking by cloud

AU Small Finance Bank leverages cloud technology—in addition to brick-and-mortar banks—to bring modern-day financial services to the “unbanked” millions of citizens and businesses across rural India.

Since 2017, AUSFB has built out its lending and account management systems on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Database, which encompasses servers, processors, storage, memory, and network. Beyond that core technology, AUSFB has adopted Oracle’s analytics, machine learning, integration services, blockchain, and even chatbots.

In fact, around 80 percent of AUSFB’s technology is sourced from Oracle, from secure databases to tablet-based fingerprint verification.

Oracle technology plays a central part in bringing financial inclusion to India’s rural unbanked, says the bank’s senior vice president for technology, Ankur Tripathi.

With Oracle Cloud keeping customer data timely, accurate, accessible, and secure, AUSFB is bridging the digital divide between India’s prosperous cities and poor rural towns and villages.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Around 80 percent of the bank’s technology is sourced from Oracle, and Oracle’s cloud technology underpins every part of the account management and loan application process.

Working with Oracle, we have focused on making banking simple, effective, and—critically—accessible to millions of ordinary citizens.

Ankur Tripathi, Senior Vice President of Technology, AU Small Finance Bank