Payoneer delivers individual experiences on a global scale

Payoneer’s digital payments platform runs on Oracle Service, helping freelancers and small businesses send and receive money worldwide.

Oracle CX Service helps us provide a more personal, localized experience to our customers and scale our business.

Natalie MargolinVice President of Customer Care, Payoneer

Business challenges

New York-based Payoneer has helped millions of local freelancers and small businesses tap into the global economy by enabling them to send and receive hundreds of millions of dollars in payments between different countries. The fintech says it offers better rates on foreign exchange and lower commission fees than most conventional banks.

Payoneer’s customer care team, led by Vice President Natalie Margolin, employs 320 people, who support 4 million customers in 70 languages and 150 currencies from service hubs in the Philippines, the US, China, and Israel. 

Before upgrading to Oracle CX Service, Payoneer had just 30 people in its customer care department, all in one office, yet they used four different service applications: one for knowledge management, another for chat, another for internal instant messaging, and another to manage customer contacts.

But after Payoneer entered several new markets, on-boarded hundreds more reps, and acquired millions more customers, “we needed one platform that could handle everything,” Margolin says.

Why Payoneer chose Oracle

Payoneer turned to Oracle CX Service, part of the Oracle Cloud CX application suite, to help it manage its customer care division.

The company saw Oracle as the most extensible platform to optimize workflows for its more than 5,000 customer service inquiries every day, while also giving agents immediate access to enterprise data, helping them to personalize each customer interaction.

Payoneer also identified Oracle CX Service as the best platform on which to integrate marketing and business intelligence data, letting its call center automatically route each customer to the agent best trained to meet his/her needs.


Customers can log in to their accounts to submit questions via email, and Oracle CX Service automatically replies with tips or offers tailored to the customer’s exact service need, subscription level, region, and local language. About 70% of customer inquiries are handled via email.

For more complicated inquiries, custom business rules within Oracle CX Service route the question to an agent who not only has the needed expertise, but can also communicate in that customer’s preferred language.

With Oracle Service Cloud’s knowledgebase, Payoneer’s call center agents can now match thousands of different service scenarios with customers’ account data, and then offer step-by-step instructions to help them set up automatic payments from a virtual retail marketplace or provide them with links to self-service how-to videos, FAQs, and more than 600 articles written in multiple languages.

Veröffentlicht:May 21, 2020