Plusoft scales on Oracle Cloud with 48% lower total cost of ownership

Brazilian ISV expands its CRM customer base thanks to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s scalability, security, and Oracle PaaS building blocks.


With OCI’s scaling on demand and Oracle APIs, we are able to deliver platforms that automate our clients’ CRM processes and maximize customer satisfaction.

Henrique Alberto PinheiroSolutions and Business Advisor Director, Plusoft

Business challenges

Plusoft is one of the largest human experience (HX) providers in Brazil, offering a range of customer relationship management (CRM) products to help companies improve their business performance. It offers plusoft Omni CRM, a solution aimed at providing a frictionless customer experience through orchestration of multichannel flows. It also markets plusoft AI, a tool for enabling chatbots, voicebots, and virtual assistants, and plusoft Social, a listening service monitoring more than 14 social media networks.

As an independent software vendor (ISV), Plusoft guarantees high performance, security, and compliance for its customers as well as the cost benefits of a cloud-based development platform that provides high availability and scalability. In recent years, the company has won more than 100 excellence awards, including the 2021 Modern Consumer Awards for Excellence in Customer Service.

Running on Oracle Cloud we can concentrate on the business. We now look at the response time of the customer to a particular screen or functionality, and immediately identify product improvements to be made.

Henrique Alberto PinheiroSolutions and Business Advisor Director, Plusoft

Why Plusoft chose Oracle

Plusoft has been in operation for 33 years and has been an Oracle customer for decades. In 2015, Plusoft began migrating its workloads to cloud computing, and in 2018 consolidated its platforms on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

When it came to selecting a cloud provider, company leaders considered Oracle to be the leading specialist for IT infrastructure, offering the availability, resilience, and performance that Plusoft requires for its IT platforms.


By switching to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Plusoft’s total cost of ownership dropped by 48% compared to the expense of running an on-premises data center. Productivity grew as OCI allowed the company to automate numerous processes while no longer worrying about power, air conditioning, the software update process, and other tasks that cut into the working day.

OCI’s resource scaling, ultralow latency, and high availability provide huge benefits to Plusoft’s customers, for whom smooth customer relationships are vital to business. Plusoft maintains high customer satisfaction by passing on the advantageous OCI pricing structure.

With Compute Autoscaling, OCI automatically adjusts to Plusoft’s workloads, allowing for 500 machines running in the daytime and for thousands when a massive sales boost occurs, then drops to 50 servers at night and even fewer on weekends. Oracle’s renowned scalability provides consistent performance with no downtime for end users during retail sales peaks such as Black Friday.

When negotiating new projects, the ISV emphasizes the efficiency gains and cost reduction stemming from autoscaling, eliminating payments for short-term increased capacity, and freeing the business from having to buy, refresh, and manage servers as well as data center infrastructure.

Building automation into solutions is key to Plusoft’s efficiency and optimum use of resources. The company’s DevOps teams use many Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) like Oracle API Platform Cloud Service to achieve rapid applications development and deployment. Coupled with OCI’s high performance and maximum availability, Plusoft has reduced the time to provision a new client environment from ten days to less than one hour.

Plusoft prioritizes Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, OCI Web Application Firewall, and Oracle Flexible Load Balancing, which allow developers to build custom applications online without having to manage the infrastructure. Whatever the industry, Oracle’s platform helps Plusoft automate consumer interaction and provide an improved customer service experience.

OCI Integration is the glue that provides a pluggable platform for integrating CRM solutions with customer enterprise resource planning (ERP), ecommerce, and billing systems. OCI FastConnect supplies the dedicated, highly secure connection to customer environments.

OCI’s availability and security are preponderant in a customer’s choice of Plusoft for its HX journey, encryption, firewall, and authentication guarantee as it ensures no loss of contracts, invoices, or orders while protecting against ransomware, data hijacking, and other digital perils. Oracle Cloud security was instrumental in the ISV becoming the first Brazilian company in its sector to achieve the ISO 27001:2013 international certification, granted to organizations with a high level of quality and security in the development of their projects.

Another element supporting Plusoft’s lead position in the CRM market is OCI’s adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Building GDPR into environment segregation policies, backup guarantees, user management, and information replication between regions gives peace of mind to customers faced with strict compliance regulations.

Veröffentlicht:14. April 2022