Systêxtil increases sales by 25% with Oracle Cloud

Brazilian ERP leader expands customer base through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, speeding apps development 7X with Oracle Application Express.


Oracle APEX was a true game changer. It has allowed our developers to deliver apps 7X faster than coding in Java, which means that we can meet textile ERP customization requests on the fly.

Fábio de FreitasInfrastructure Manager, Systêxtil

Business challenges

Systêxtil offers enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions tailored to the needs of the Brazilian textile industry. Its flagship product, Systêxtil ERP, manages the entire logistical and financial lifecycle of raw material sourcing, fashion collection creation, manufacturing, and delivery to stores.

Systêxtil’s textile industry clients have complex buying and selling processes: They must assemble dozens or hundreds of small items into one finished product, recycle yarn, and reduce water consumption and pollution. They compete today not on pricing but on cost reduction through automating processes, streamlining operations, and bringing fashion collections to market with greater efficiency.

Although cloud-based since 2015, Systêxtil was challenged under its former cloud provider by exponential costs that required individual application servers to be installed at each of its 200-plus client sites.

Each new client required a fresh investment in hardware with arduous cost calculations for entrepreneurs who are traditionally subject to downtimes resulting in important monetary losses across each area of the textile chain.

Why Systêxtil chose Oracle

To eliminate the problem of being unable to scale without spending more money, Systêxtil decided to migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Systêxtil used Oracle Database from its beginnings, so the company was very comfortable with Oracle. Initially, the company used another cloud provider, but when Oracle established its cloud region in São Paulo, Systêxtil decided to switch to OCI for reasons of scalability, availability, and cost reduction.


Company leaders were impressed by the cost savings they realized with OCI. Oracle Application Express (APEX), a low-code development framework, resides completely within Oracle Database, so Systêxtil can deliver customizations to clients faster. The ability to host more customers on the same infrastructure without adding support costs was paramount.

Moving to Oracle Enterprise Database Service created a unified database with a single console in OCI for a simpler environment to manage with increased performance, scalability, and security.

With OCI, Systêxtil can double its manufacturing capacity in 5 minutes, without burdening its clients with the time and cost of new hardware. The company also gained tight financial controls, thanks to OCI’s ability to right-size CPU and memory according to the needs of each client.

By switching from Java to Oracle APEX, Systêxtil achieved a 7X increase in development speed when  teams were able to eliminate manual coding. Now, developers can quickly meet customer requests for apps and new functionality through OCI Load Balancing, with continued access to critical data. For example, a textile manufacturing project that took 120 hours to develop before OCI takes only 18 hours today on the APEX platform.

Systêxtil grew 25% through continuous customer acquisition and, according to Infrastructure Manager Fábio de Freitas, OCI has been a key differentiator in marketing the solution. Risk-averse Brazilian textile industry players who traditionally run data centers have signed up for Oracle’s guaranteed high availability, maximum security, and predictable cost structure.

Customers adopting the Systêxtil cloud ERP to run their businesses benefit from zero capital expenditures for infrastructure and software, paying a predictable monthly fee that factors in OCI usage plus the provider’s development and deployment services.

The Oracle brand brings reassurance for customers who no longer want their data stored in a climate-controlled back room exposed to high risks. Customers welcome intensified cybersecurity through encrypted data. They appreciate being empowered to visualize spending patterns, monitor usage, analyze bills, and reduce spending, as well as avoid stress because Oracle Cloud takes care of the infrastructure.


Systêxtil migrated from its previous cloud provider to OCI with the assistance of Oracle Partner Infra World, which carried out the sizing and provisioning of servers for Systêxtil's clients.

When Oracle offered a proof of concept, Infra World used it to simulate how things would work in production and migrated three clients to OCI for the duration, at no cost.

“The proof of concept was not just a scenario with fictitious machines and a few internal users, but a 100% migration allowing us to test the whole structure and keep three clients live afterward,” says Daniel Marques, CEO of Infra World.

Veröffentlicht:8. April 2022