Tenda gains business agility and cuts costs with Oracle Cloud

The Brazilian construction firm improves performance and security with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a backbone for its multiregion cloud strategy.


Oracle Cloud is a quantum leap in terms of advancing our tech infrastructure. It has given us unmatched scale, security, and performance, which has boosted our business efficiency and saved costs. The OCI migration has eased all our pain points by enabling us to focus on growth.

Igor GomesCTO, Construtora Tenda

Business challenges

Founded in 1969, Construtora Tenda is the second largest real estate developer in Brazil, providing quality housing for low-income families. Over the past 52 years, the company has provided affordable apartments to 130,000 families through its Casa Verde e Amarela (Green and Yellow Houses) program, which is subsidized by the Brazilian government.

Up until 2019, the company’s technology infrastructure consisted of an on-premises data center and cloud providers located outside of Brazil. This use of a physical data center increased Tenda’s costs year-on-year and hampered business growth initiatives. For instance, latency issues made it difficult for employees to access important systems and data, and ultimately close a sale.

Another critical challenge with its on-premises data center scenario was the lack of a disaster recovery site with efficient backup and recovery tools. Establishing a second data center with additional infrastructure to serve as a DR site was not economically viable for Tenda and would have resulted in higher database licensing costs. The company projected that the replacement of its data center and acquisition of a DR site would have costed approximately US$3.2 million over five years.

Tenda considered moving its infrastructure supporting critical Oracle EBS financial apps and custom payment systems entirely to the cloud to improve system availability, scale resources as needed, ensure end-to-end data security and reduce its total cost of ownership.

Why Tenda chose Oracle

Tenda selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure over competing cloud solutions after determining that OCI’s would enable Tenda to improve system reliability, boost application performance, scale computing power on demand, reduce response time, and mitigate security risks.


By migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Tenda substantially reduced its total cost of ownership and improve performance of its core financial workloads. The company uses OCI as the backbone of its multiregion cloud strategy, supporting several cloud native applications deployed outside of Brazil. This has enabled Tenda to achieve greater agility and complete workload mobility for a multicloud strategy with AWS and GCP to optimally support its business operations in Brazil.

Moreover, Tenda was able to upgrade its previously used Oracle Database—which had been split across multiple servers with Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)—swiftly to Oracle Enterprise Database Service and without extra costs or outside support. OCI provided Tenda with the high availability and on-demand scalability required to boost business performance and sales through uninterrupted access to critical data. Tenda also gained superior database performance and much needed disaster recovery. OCI also provided Tenda with automated, always-on data security that has reduced risks and provided continuous protection against threats.

Tenda migrated from its legacy infrastructure to OCI within four months to emerge as a 100% cloud company. Overall, the company was able to eliminate previous challenges in its data center setup and become a more agile organization.

Veröffentlicht:15. April 2022