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Oracle Data Cloud

In today's fast-paced, unpredictable digital world, it's no longer enough for marketers to identify relevant audiences online. You're being tasked with answering more and more questions about your ad investments. How are your audiences engaging with content? Does the environment where your ad appears present a brand risk or opportunity? Is the audience human or fraudulent? What is the ROI? Using Oracle Data Cloud solutions, you can answer these questions today, and be ready for what's next.

Oracle Data Cloud
Podcast: Adding Context to Omnichannel Advertising

Derek Wise, our Chief Product Officer, chats with Xaxis about why an omnichannel approach is critical, how context will evolve for newer "text-less" channels, and more.

Risk or reward? Bridge the divide to drive value

Find the right channels for your brand to capture consumer attention and protect brand equity. Leading international telecommunications provider Etisalat did.

Why choose Oracle Data Cloud?

Reach the right people

Discover what makes your audience take action and where to engage them, with Contextual Intelligence and audience solutions from Oracle Data Cloud.

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Reach the right people

Protect your ad spend

Protect against fraud while ensuring your ads are in view and appearing alongside safe, relevant content. Drive campaign success with solutions for viewability, invalid traffic, and brand safety.

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Protect your ad spend

Measure the impact

Measure and drive attention across all your campaigns with Moat. Find out how you can optimize campaigns in real time to ensure success.

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Measure the impact

Oracle Data Cloud

Connect with the audiences that matter most and drive growth

A strong audience strategy empowers you to engage your most relevant audiences, and maximize campaign efficiency, eliminate wasted spend, and achieve better business outcomes.

  • High-quality, curated data assets spanning all verticals, data types, and categories empower you to find your most desirable audiences
  • Oracle Audiences can be activated nearly anywhere consumers are engaging in digital media
  • With a 360-degree view of the consumer and our propriety Identity Graph, Oracle modeled audiences can reach both your current customers as well as your most likely prospective customers
  • Customer data augmentation adds a robust layer to your existing assets to create an opportunity for deeper engagement

Drive higher levels of audience engagement and mitigate brand safety risks

Contextual Intelligence helps advertisers and publishers understand the underlying meaning of the environment where ads are served, enabling you to go beyond mitigating brand safety risks and identify situations that represent opportunities to make an impact on prospects.

  • Protection of a brand’s message from harmful content, viewability issues and fraud to identify brand-suitable environments with accurate, customized segmentation
  • Page-level control lets you scale to reach larger, more relevant audiences
  • Robust reach enables you to connect with desired audiences as they navigate mindsets and life moments
  • Deep industry expertise, strategy, and services to provide recommendations and rapid custom segment creation
  • Harness trends and solve for the unpredictable

Unify and plan campaigns across channels to deliver more relevant messaging

Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP) unlocks data-driven, customer-first advertising possibilities for quicker acquisition of higher-value customers while achieving greater ad-spend efficiencies. Personalize online, offline, and mobile marketing campaigns with richer data sets about relevant audiences with both scale and accuracy to drive better business outcomes and minimize waste.

  • Connect offline data to online campaigns with data onboarding to maximize reach
  • Deliver streamlined experiences by unifying consumer journeys
  • Gain a 360-degree view of customer segments to deliver relevant marketing messages
  • Access third-party audiences in the data marketplace to augment audiences with additional actionable data points
  • Leverage look-alike modeling driven by AI to help you scale and reach audiences that look like your best customers
  • Increase data deliverability with access to 95% of the top adtech and martech destinations
  • Protect your investments with privacy compliance. We partner with major consent management platforms so that consumer consent is honored for every third-party audience available in our marketplace

Go beyond verification and make your digital advertising more effective

Level up your marketing intelligence with real-time attention analytics. Move beyond the baseline of verifying whether your ads are valid, viewable, and brand safe with advanced media metrics, deduplicated reach and frequency, and turnkey measurement of campaign lift.

  • See a unified view of media channels
  • Verify that campaigns are viewable, brand safe, and viewed by humans
  • Discover which creative captured the viewer’s attention
  • Learn which formats work best for your brand
  • Determine if you’re reaching the right audience at the right frequency
  • Track in-flight lift of sales and customer visits attributed to your campaign

View all customer successes

Oracle Data Cloud customer successes

Our solutions help the biggest brands, agencies, and publishers to deliver exceptional customer experiences that drive better business outcomes.

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Disneyland Paris uses Contextual Intelligence to help families find fun

April 13, 2020

How Are Your Ads Performing? Q4 2019 Moat Benchmarks Now Available.

Kori Wallace, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Oracle

The report highlights Moat’s benchmarks across the most critical areas of measurement: ad fraud, valid and viewable, and attention.

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Built through global, industry-leading origins, Oracle Data Cloud solutions work across audience, context, and measurement to give marketers the data and tools needed for every stage of the marketing journey.

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