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The Time Is Now—Recapture Growth with Oracle Cloud Applications

Join Steve Miranda on September 29 at 9:00 am PT as he explores why now is the time to prepare for more change. Executives from Starbucks, Dropbox and Office Depot will share how they are responding to uncertainty by building resilience, agility, and continuous innovation into their businesses with Oracle Cloud Applications. After the keynote, choose from 16 on-demand strategy and real-world case study sessions spanning finance, customer experience, human resources and supply chain management.


The Time Is Now

No one imagined a disruption of this speed and magnitude, but it’s the reality we’re all facing. The global pandemic has become a forcing function for change. Capabilities that were once regarded as optional are now essential, whether it’s enabling remote work, connecting with customers virtually, dealing with volatile supply chains, or managing economic uncertainty. And while you might not feel like you’re in control, the truth is now is exactly the right time to start building a roadmap for what comes next. To find out how, join your peers and the Oracle Applications Development leadership team for this all-star keynote. You’ll learn how you can pivot forward and define the future of your career, organization, and industry.

  • Steve Miranda, Executive Vice President, Applications Development, Oracle
  • Jennifer Briscoe, Vice President, Product Development, Oracle Corporation
  • Gerri Martin-Flickinger, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Starbucks
  • Tim Regan, Incoming Chief Financial Officer, Dropbox
Strategy Session: Customer Experience in the Next Normal
Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President, CX and Oracle Data Cloud, Fusion CX Development, Oracle

Customer signals are literally everywhere. In the Next Normal, will your business be able to effectively interpret those signals and deliver a customer experience that’s authentic, empathetic, and contextual? In this session you’ll learn how Oracle can help brands build and manage lasting customer relationships by taking action in every moment that matters, from customer acquisition to retention—and everything in between. Through industry trends and customer stories, you’ll learn how guided experiences, a unified platform, and customer intelligence can help guide and prepare you for the Next Normal. Companies that make the right investments now will build an enduring advantage in serving customers.

Starbucks Secrets of Delivering Amazing Service in a Time of Change
Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President, CX and Oracle Data Cloud, Fusion CX Development, Oracle
Gerri Martin-Flickinger, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Starbucks

Starbucks exceeds customer expectations by predicting the need for service, automating processes, and delivering tailored responses to each customer at the right time. Oracle CX Service has helped energize Starbucks’ service strategy and partnered with them as they transformed their customer service. Rob Tarkoff sits down with Geri Martin-Flickinger, CTO of Starbucks, as she shares stories and best practices on how Starbucks has adapted in this time of change and the role customer service plays in the experiences they provide their customers, today and in the future.

Why Your CFO Should Care About the Customer Experience
Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President, CX and Oracle Data Cloud, Fusion CX Development, Oracle
David Malfara, Expert CX Consultant, McKinsey & Company

Customers are significantly scaling back their spending across nearly all categories, anticipating tougher times ahead. Spending across most industries is down, purchases have shifted from in person to digital channels, and public safety has become a top priority for companies and consumers alike. Executives who had carefully crafted omnichannel strategies to create unique, compelling customer experiences have had to throw out their playbooks and improvise to keep pace. In this session Rob Tarkoff will sit down with McKinsey's David Malfara to explore the growing importance of the CFO's relationship with the CMO, CTO, and COO as a result of the changing business climate. You’ll learn the key priorities finance professionals must embrace to reimagine and reform the customer experience and to support new customer-centric business models in the future.

Making Loyalty Marketing Magic Happen
Lisa Joy Rosner, Senior Vice President, Brand and Digital Marketing, Oracle
Ruth Walker, Vice President of CRM, Walt Disney Studios

Ruth Walker, Walt Disney Studios’ vice president of CRM, is leading an amazing transformational charge to develop highly personalized, data-powered customer loyalty programs. Tune in to hear Ruth and Lisa Joy Rosner, Oracle’s senior vice president of of brand digital marketing, discuss how they’re vigilantly listening to customers and leveraging data to better understand and successfully engage with viewers.

Strategy Session: Envisioning the Finance Pivot to Growth
Rondy Ng, Senior Vice President, Applications Development, Oracle
Matt Bradley, Senior Vice President, Product Development, Business Analytics, Oracle

Finance organizations have successfully navigated through new territory with leaner physical entities, increased decentralization via remote work, and dynamic process and cultural shifts, all in an effort to stem the tide and stabilize the ship. Now is the time to look forward, evaluate new opportunities, and chart the course for sustained success. Join us to see how machine learning based automation, a continuous close view into the business, and other innovations are a core part of the Finance DNA as it drives the business forward.

Accelerating the Digital Finance Transformation
Juergen Lindner, Senior Vice President, ERP Product Marketing, Oracle
Colleen Baumbach, Vice President, Applications Development, Oracle

Forward-thinking organizations, operating in a business-as-usual setting in the cloud, have weathered structural financial and operational challenges with ease—and a confidence in data—to drive successful period closes, retool skill sets, and optimize business models to adapt to market conditions. This session features customers delivering on the finance transformation demanded by the market and positioning their new finance workplace to leverage continued technology advances for sustained success.

Staying on Top: The Key Is Continuous Innovation
Catherine You, Vice President, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle
Justin Grochoski, Senior Director, CX Product Strategy, Oracle
Winston Wang, Vice President User Experience Design, Oracle

A competitive product, at a fair price, with excellent customer service is no longer a barrier to entry. Long term success is predicated on constant adaptation and continuous innovations in product and service offerings to the market. Innovating via the use of emerging technologies including voice, AI, machine learning, and IoT to provide the experience customers are seeking is key to sustained leadership. This session will showcase the power of cloud technologies and the role of a continuous finance innovation stream to forge competitive advantages in the market.

Planning in an Uncertain World
Hari Sankar, Group Vice President, EPM Product Management, Oracle

Businesses need a new approach to planning and performance management—one that enables dynamic realignment of plans and decisions and positions the organization to capture growth. This session will feature Oracle Cloud EPM customers who are thriving in the face of uncertainty and outperforming with agility by effectively connecting their financial and operational plans.

Strategy Session: The Art of Agility in the Age of Disruption
Chris Leone, Senior Vice President, Applications Development, Oracle

The world was turned upside down a few months ago, with the ripple effect of the pandemic impacting every country, every business and every person. To survive and get back to growth, businesses must stay nimble, updating existing processes and creating new ones while keeping employees engaged and productive. Learn how Oracle is partnering with our HCM customers to successfully adapt and navigate the new world of constant change and disruption.

Ensure Business Continuity While Staying Agile
Nancy Zoder, Vice President Product Strategy, Oracle

In this time of constant change, what was considered “edge technology” has now become essential for core business functions. Explore the many ways Oracle Cloud HCM has helped organizations challenge the status quo, provide new means to work, and pivot to support new business needs in times of continuous disruption.

Adapt to Your Fast-Changing Workforce
Juana Bordenave, Director, Product Strategy, Oracle

The workforce is facing extraordinary changes in 2020—temporary shutdowns, working from home, furloughs, reassignments, gig work. These changes create new opportunities while posing enormous challenges for HR, talent, and payroll processes. Hear how you can quickly adapt your HR practices to address these changes head-on with Oracle Cloud HCM.

Differentiate with Your Employee Experience
Jon MacGoy, Vice President, Fusion HCM Product Management, Oracle

Today, employees demand easy access to timely information, intuitive and conversational user interfaces, and personalized and contextually-aware interactions with their HR systems. Learn how Oracle Cloud HCM helps employees stay engaged, motivated, and productive wherever and whenever they work—all while keeping their systems secure.

Strategy Session: Oracle Cloud SCM—Going Beyond Resilience, Pivoting Your Operations to Growth
Rick Jewell, Senior Vice President, Applications Development, Oracle

Supply chain leaders around the globe have navigated through spikes and drops in demand, new ways of working remotely, and radical changes in global trade and logistics that affect supply chain operations. Now is the time to look forward, identify and leverage new opportunities, and chart the course for sustained success. In this session, Rick Jewell will share insights, learnings, and recommendations from our customers and partners to help you chart the right course and guide your organization’s growth.

Integrate and Accelerate Planning to Navigate Sustained Risk and Uncertainty
Jon Chorley, Chief Sustainability Officer and Group Vice President, SCM Product Strategy and PLM, Oracle
Simon Ellis, Program Vice President, IDC

Connecting financial, workforce, and supply chain planning isn’t a “nice to have,” it’s essential to navigate turbulent times. This session will focus on the increasingly important role of sales and operations, as well as supply and demand planning, and will address factors to consider in integrating your business planning, including speed and cycle times, getting unified access to the right planning data, and using advanced technologies such as sensory data and machine learning to accelerate the process and improve results.

Building Sustainable Supply Chain Operations
Jon Chorley, Chief Sustainability Officer and Group Vice President, SCM Product Strategy and PLM, Oracle

Leaders around the world are putting a stake in the ground in the race to leverage alternative energy and achieve carbon neutrality. Supply chain operations are critical to these efforts in order help source ethically and sustainably, and to reduce waste and carbon emissions. In this session, Jon Chorley, senior vice president of SCM strategy and Oracle’s chief sustainability officer, will showcase how Oracle is responding, how our customers are helping lead this charge, and the specific actions they’re taking that we can all learn from and put into practice.

Driving Continuous Product and Service Innovation
John Barcus, Group Vice President of Manufacturing Industries, Oracle
Craig Halterman, Chief Information Officer, Cohu

It’s never been more important to get products and services to market quickly with high quality. The key is unifying innovation management with the plan to produce process. This session will feature Oracle Cloud customers who are driving fast, high-quality innovation and product development by standardizing product information and leveraging a connected digital thread to unify complex, multi-site manufacturing and quality processes.

Featured Speakers

David Malfara

David Malfara

Expert CX Consultant, McKinsey & Company

David Malfara is a leader in McKinsey’s Customer Experience service line. He advises clients across a broad range of industries on customer experience transformations, helping teams navigate prioritization of customer journeys, segmentation strategies, journey redesign, measurement and metric systems, and front-line engagement strategies.

In addition to serving clients across CX topics, David leads McKinsey’s collaboration with the Disney Institute, an effort built to jointly serve clients on building a more customer-centric culture.


Gerri Martin-Flickinger

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Starbucks

Gerri Martin-Flickinger is Starbucks’ executive vice president and chief technology officer. She’s responsible for technology strategies and teams that enable the company to connect with customers worldwide. Gerri joined Starbucks in 2015 and has led the technology organization through significant transformation while developing and enabling industry-leading innovations including mobile order and pay, voice ordering, and social gifting. Under her leadership, Starbucks technology is focused on delivering innovative, cloud-based, and digital solutions that empower partners and delight customers globally.

Prior to Starbucks, Gerri served as chief information officer at Adobe, where she played a key role enabling Adobe’s transformation to a cloud-based business. Before Adobe, she was CIO at Verisign, Network Associates, and McAfee Associates. She began her career at Chevron, where she held several senior systems roles. Gerri holds a BS in computer science from Washington State University. She currently serves on the Advisory Board of Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and on the Board of Directors of Tableau Software.

Tim Regan

Tim Regan

Incoming Chief Financial Officer, Dropbox

Tim Regan is incoming chief financial officer of Dropbox and oversees global financial operations and strategy, accounting, corporate development, investor relations, financial planning, and analysis, tax, and real estate.

Prior to his role as incoming CFO, Tim served as Dropbox’s chief accounting officer and played a key role in helping take the company public in 2018. Before joining Dropbox in 2016, Tim held the role of controller at Pandora, where he also helped the company through their IPO.

Tim is a CPA and has an MBA from the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley and a BS in accounting from Georgetown University.

Ruth Walker

Ruth Walker

Vice President, CRM, Walt Disney Studios

Based on the Burbank Studio lot, Ruth’s team relaunched Disney Movie Insiders as the Walt Disney Studios fan engagement platform. The program’s goal is to celebrate and reward fans of movies from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel Studios, and more.

Ruth became part of The Walt Disney Company in 1995. Prior to joining the CRM team in 2018, she had several vice president roles within the Studio, including leading cinema partnerships, non-theatrical licensing, and finance for domestic theatrical distribution and marketing.

A proud Canadian, Ruth holds an MBA from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and a BS from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She resides with her husband and three children in the Los Angeles area.

Matt Bradley

Matt Bradley

Senior Vice President, Business Analytics Product Development, Oracle

Matt Bradley is the senior vice president of development for enterprise performance management (EPM) at Oracle, responsible for delivering both PaaS- and SaaS-based solutions as well as for deployments based on premises. He is an experienced executive with global hands-on experience running large and small product strategy and engineering teams.

Matt joined Oracle in 2007 as part of Oracle's acquisition of Hyperion. As a vice president of product development at Hyperion, he helped lead the charge in establishing Hyperion as the EPM market leader. Prior to Hyperion, Matt held several development lead positions at medical information companies supporting electronic medical records, casemix analysis, decision support, and related subjects. Matt holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Queens University, Belfast.

Jennifer Briscoe

Jennifer Briscoe

Vice President, Product Development, Oracle

As vice president of development, Jennifer Briscoe is responsible for global product development functions related to ensuring customer success with Oracle Cloud Applications. She oversees the outbound arm of Oracle’s SaaS development organization known as the “A-Team”. The team provides best practices around such topics as architecture, design, SaaS extension techniques, integration tactics, and master data management strategies for Oracle’s most strategic cloud application customers.

Jennifer’s charter also includes strategic account and escalation management as well as executive sponsorship for key cloud application accounts. She has nearly 25 years’ experience in software development and technical leadership roles. Prior to Oracle, Jennifer held various management positions ranging from director to vice president to CTO. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics.

Rick Jewell

Rick Jewell

Senior Vice President, Applications Development, Oracle

Rick Jewell is senior vice president of Oracle Applications development. He has been with Oracle since 1989 and has overall responsibility for Oracle’s supply chain management applications. In addition, Rick’s responsibilities include Oracle's recent acquisitions in supply chain, specifically the transportation management, demand planning, advanced planning and scheduling, and product lifecycle management products.

Prior to Oracle, Rick spent nine years with a large global systems integrator and has also served as CIO for a Bay Area-based medical-device manufacturing company. He’s a graduate of Stanford University, where he received a BA in economics and an MS in industrial engineering.

Chris Leone

Chris Leone

Senior Vice President, Applications Development, Oracle

Chris Leone is senior vice president of development for Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, which includes Oracle Global HR Cloud and Oracle Talent Management Cloud. He is responsible for the strategy, product management, product development, and product go-to-market functions that deliver modern HR in the cloud to global users. In 2014, Chris was named #16 on Business Insider’s “The 39 Most Important People in Cloud Computing” list.

For more than 20 years, Chris has developed enterprise software applications for large and midsize companies. He came to Oracle via its acquisition of PeopleSoft, where he was responsible for the product management activities for the company’s financial and project management and enterprise performance management product lines. Prior to joining PeopleSoft, Chris was vice president of products at Hyperion, where he was responsible for business performance management applications. Chris earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance and an MBA from Loyola Marymount University.

Steve Miranda

Steve Miranda

Executive Vice President, Applications Development, Oracle

Steve Miranda is executive vice president of Oracle Applications product development. He’s responsible for leading all aspects of product strategy, product development, and product delivery for the entire portfolio of Oracle Applications and related services. Steve’s primary focus is on delivering the industry’s most complete, proven, and innovative set of cloud solutions that encompass enterprise resource planning; supply chain, human capital, and enterprise performance management; customer experience; and Oracle Data Cloud applications.

Steve joined Oracle in 1992 and has held a variety of leadership positions within the development organization. In 2007 he was asked to lead the engineering of Oracle’s next-generation suite of software applications, Oracle Fusion Applications. Under his leadership, Oracle has delivered on its promise to help applications customers innovate and remain competitive while leveraging their existing IT investments and increasing the value of those investments with new Oracle products and services. Prior to Oracle, Steve worked at GE Aerospace. He holds degrees in mathematics and computational sciences from Stanford University. Prior to Oracle, Steve worked at GE Aerospace. He holds degrees in mathematics and computational sciences from Stanford University.

Rondy Ng

Rondy Ng

Senior Vice President, Applications Development, Oracle

Rondy Ng is Oracle’s senior vice president of ERP Applications Development. He’s responsible for leading all aspects of product strategy, development, and delivery for Oracle’s ERP applications and cloud services. Under Rondy’s leadership, Oracle has developed and delivered the award-winning Oracle ERP Cloud, with rapid adoption by thousands of mid-sized, large, and global organizations. He’s worked closely with C-suite executives and heads of finance, operations, and strategy to reimagine their business processes while taking advantage of the latest technologies in pursuit of new business models and growth.

Rondy’s vision for Oracle ERP Cloud has helped customers implement the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, digital assistants, natural language processing, blockchain, and the Internet of Things to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve internal controls. He joined Oracle in 1990 and has held a variety of product development leadership positions during his career. He holds an MS degree in computer and electrical engineering from Cornell University.

Lisa Joy Rosner

Lisa Joy Rosner

Senior Vice President, Brand and Digital Marketing, Oracle

Lisa Joy Rosner is Oracle’s senior vice president of brand and digital marketing. Her team is responsible for the verbal and visual identity of the company, as well as for infusing the voice of the customer across Oracle and its broader ecosystem. Lisa Joy’s teams include customer listening, experience design, communities, brand and advertising, sales enablement, competitive and market intelligence, and executive communications. These groups work with marketing teams across all Oracle product areas to deliver effective messaging and memorable content to customers, prospects, partners, and employees.

A Silicon Valley veteran, Lisa Joy has worked in data and analytics her entire career, across business intelligence, ecommerce, social analytics, martech, security, and autotech. She has been chief marketing officer at Otonomo, Neustar, and NetBase, and vice president of worldwide marketing at MyBuys, BroadVision, and DecisionPoint Applications. Lisa Joy has been a guest lecturer at business schools including the Haas School at the University of California at Berkeley, the Tuck School at Dartmouth College, and at Stanford University. She also holds a US patent for a data visualization. A motivating leader of high-performing teams as well as a passionate public speaker and storyteller, Lisa Joy brings a creative and educational approach to high-tech marketing.

Rob Tarkoff

Rob Tarkoff

Executive Vice President, CX and Oracle Data Cloud, Fusion CX Development

Rob Tarkoff joined Oracle in 2018 to lead Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud product and strategy across marketing, sales, commerce, and service. His goal is to build products that help companies succeed in the Experience Economy.

Rob spent the last 15 years focused on the customer experience, developing products for both large and early-stage companies. Most recently, as president and CEO of Lithium Technologies, he created the leading software in online communities. Prior to that, Rob ran the Digital Enterprise business for Adobe. He holds a BA in political economy from Amherst College and a JD from Harvard Law School.

Nancy Zoder

Nancy Zoder

Vice President Product Strategy, Oracle

Nancy Estell Zoder is vice president for Oracle’s HCM Cloud product strategy. She is responsible for the strategic direction of HCM Cloud solution offerings for Global HR, Workforce Planning, Help Desk, Payroll, Compensation, Benefits, Absence Management, Time and Labor, and Work Life solutions. Nancy is an experienced HCM professional with more than 22 years implementing, designing, developing, and defining project strategy for human capital management solutions for the global market as well as industry-specific solutions.

Nancy spent more than 10 years implementing HCM solutions in North America, Europe, and Asia in a variety of industries that include healthcare, public sector, automotive, manufacturing, energy, retail, financial services, and higher education, before moving into product development for Peoplesoft and then Oracle Cloud.


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