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Oracle Smart Construction Platform

The Oracle Smart Construction Platform is uniquely built to drive continuous improvement. In construction, every decision makes a difference. Connect project teams across processes, empower decision-makers with accurate predictions from deep datastores, and synchronize activities and materials with up-to-the-second precision so you can make each decision with confidence.

Orchestrate projects, don't execute them

Accelerate performance by predicting outcomes, optimizing processes, and continuously improving the way you build and manage projects.

Outperform expectations

Learn how Oracle’s integrated platform allows each participant to own their own data and share it quickly and easily to streamline project delivery.

A brief history of construction technology

Point solutions

Over the last two decades, point solutions have delivered basic improvements in efficiency and standardized specific workflows for specific individuals and departments. But since these solutions are by nature disconnected, they create information silos and communication problems between teams and phases of construction.

First-generation construction platforms

Cloud-enabled platforms integrate point solutions to connect teams and applications across specified workflows. But data continues to be locked in specific applications, proprietary formats, and project silos, making it difficult to gain a complete view of performance across projects, processes, or portfolios. While first-generation platforms have facilitated better collaboration, faster decisions, and fewer errors, they fail to truly automate construction processes, and each step still requires significant manual effort.

Intelligent construction platforms

Now with intelligent construction platforms, data is unlocked, and artificial intelligence and machine learning are leveraged to empower every go-forward decision. Organizations learn from the past to continuously improve the future. Intelligent platforms automatically synchronize every step of the construction process. As progress is captured in the field, decisions are made, and changes happen, downstream activities, teams, and supply chains are automatically adjusted.

Delivering the next generation

The new generation of intelligent platforms accelerates performance by predicting outcomes, optimizing processes, and continuously improving the way you build and manage projects. The Oracle Smart Construction Platform accomplishes this by focusing on three principles.

A better way to collaborate

Each stakeholder owns an unalterable record of the information they author and the information shared with them. Without fear of data loss or alteration, the platform powers collaboration, serving as the trusted source of project information for everyone involved, across the entire course of construction and beyond. This ensures a complete record of the project, improving accuracy and supporting the operation of the asset for its entire lifespan.

More than 30 organizations, including designers, contractors, cities, and permitting agencies, were able to collaborate seamlessly with each other while owning their specific data.

—Ashish Sharma, Solutions Architect, Parsons

Predictive analytics to empower decision-makers

Broad, deep data empowers informed, proactive decisions and continuous improvement. Artificial intelligence and machine learning use data from past and current projects to predict future risks while there’s still time to mitigate negative outcomes. And business analytics leverage the data to power continuous improvement—so you can spot performance issues, adjust, repeat successes, and improve over time.

Now instead of coming to the meeting and being asked questions, we come to the meeting with the answers.

—Matt Pasley, Manager of Field Support and Analysis, Ameren

A unified project on a synchronized schedule

With integrated Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling and task management, everyone on the project shares a single planning and scheduling environment that synchronizes separate schedules into one unified execution plan. Activity in the field automatically informs the CPM activity network and updates milestones. As work progresses and change happens, an intelligent platform synchronizes activities across the supply chain, ensuring all parties are working together according to the central project schedule.

Now the right people always show up when they should.

—Jeff Milo, Senior Scheduling Manager, Landmark Properties

Putting together the platform of the future

The Oracle Smart Construction Platform brings industry-leading applications together on world-class cloud infrastructure. Here’s what it looks like when you combine a reputation for construction excellence with the most secure, compliant, and scalable technology.

Learn more about the Smart Construction Platform

Webcast series: The Oracle Smart Construction Platform

See how an intelligent platform brings teams and data together to power collaboration, turn data into intelligence, and orchestrate projects to improve performance.