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Transforming the Corporate Bank

Transforming the
Corporate Bank

Ideas and Insights to Power the Next Generation Corporate Bank.


Hyper-Connected Corporate Banking: Point of View

  • Corporate Banks Must Commit to Change

    To stay viable, corporate banks need to maximize revenue opportunities by getting deeper insight into customer journeys. By building modern digital capabilities that enable innovation, corporate banks will be able to improve efficiency and respond faster to changes in the market.

    Emerging Trends Point of View
  • Liquidity Management: The New Business Imperative

    Multi-currency cash and liquidity pools across markets and time zones, regulatory restrictions have led to trapped liquidity and necessitated the need for effective liquidity management.

    Watch the video (8:49)
  • Credit Management - Sync or Sink?

    Stringent regulatory norms and the increasing need for a single customer view of credit risk, is forcing banks to revamp and rethink credit management.

    Credit Management Point of View
  • Unshackling Syndicated Lending

    As new bank capital and liquidity rules take effect, long-term bank financing may be more expensive and banks that seek to play in the syndicated lending space will need to look for ways to reduce costs and remain attractive.

    Syndicated Lending Point of View
  • Transaction Banking - Can The New Industry Darling Rise To The Occasion?

    Once thought of as investment banking's less glamorous sibling, transaction banking is now a rising star in the global financial services industry.

    Global Transaction Banking Point of View
  • Playing Catch-Up in Custodial Banking is Not Enough

    While the custodial banking business has traditionally been transactional in nature with established revenue streams, custody banks are now forced to re-assess their operations.

    Custodial Lending Point of View
Spotlight: Liquidity Management
Mind The Gap: Stepping Up From Liquidity Management To Being A Treasury Partner

Liquidity management is increasing in importance. Effective liquidity management and innovation will be key to attracting businesses and helping them achieve their goals.

Streamlining the Credit Management Infrastructure
Streamlining the Credit Management Infrastructure

To withstand new regulatory pressures, investor expectations, and innovative competitors, banks need to reset their value focus and digitize their credit risk processes. Restructuring the credit management infrastructure can deliver significant benefits.

Moving Custodial Banking to the Digital Age
Moving Custodial Banking to the Digital Age

Custodian banks will face challenges on the digital highway, but flexibility and openness can lead to a smarter more strategic approach.

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