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News and Opinion

Reinventing the On-Property Dining Experience


Successful hoteliers today need to transform the dining experience at their hotels into a highlight for their guests, so as to keep them — and their dollars — on site.

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Brazilian Luxury Hotel Uses Oracle to Boost Guest Experiences


B Hotel Brasília, an independent luxury hotel located on Brasília’s Eixo Monumental stretch, has deployed an integrated suite of Oracle Hospitality and Oracle Food and Beverage cloud solutions to modernize its operations across the property.

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Driving Hotel Guest Loyalty Through Mobile Apps


What's the one thing you can't live without when traveling? For increasing numbers of travelers, it's their mobile phone. With everyone traveling with their mobile devices, it's clear that hoteliers need to do more to take advantage of this ever-present tool.

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New Research Study on Hotel Mobile Maturity Focuses on the Guest Experience


According to a new research study conducted by Oracle Hospitality, 91 percent of hotel executives agree that mobile technologies are critical to improving guest experience and cultivating loyalty. But only 69 percent are confident in their organization’s ability to adopt and deliver those mobile experiences.

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Hoteliers: Mobile Critical to Boosting Guest Experiences


But many are not prepared to deliver forward-thinking mobile innovations, according to new survey results from Oracle Hospitality.

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SantaPark Turns Christmas Spirit into Year-Round Profit


Finnish amusement park SantaPark uses Oracle Hospitality Cloud to improve guest experiences and increase company growth.

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Report Paints Picture of Hotel App Usage


Nearly of a quarter of consumers have at least one hotel or restaurant app on their mobile device and 70% of users are using the app at least once a week.

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How Artificial Intelligence Enhances the Guest Experience: Key Research Findings from Oracle Hospitality


Voice-activated and text-based personal assistants have become part and parcel of our lives. These personal assistants, or chatbots are rapidly evolving, to the point that they can learn about people’s individual preferences, engage in meaningful conversation, and interact on a level that blurs the line between human and computer. Now these devices are becoming ubiquitous in hotels, revolutionizing guest services and other functions that enhance the guest experience.

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Oracle Study Reveals Travelers’ Preferences and Perceptions of Hotel Loyalty Programs


When it comes to choosing where to travel and stay on their journey, many consumers are looking to social influencers for aspirational recommendations. That's according to the findings of a recent global study by Oracle auditing consumer perceptions and hospitality brand realities of loyalty programs and influences.

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Hotel Operators, Guests Want More Technology: Survey


A new Oracle hotel survey found that guests are willing to engage brands that offer new technologies if they feel they’re in control of their experience.

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Swiss Hotel Chain Mövenpick Uses Cloud To Avoid 'Cemetery Of Brands'


Profit margins in the hotel industry are being squeezed by a changing distributor landscape, tighter management agreements, and higher capital requirements for borrowing.

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New Survey Gives Insights into Guest Expectations for Technology


Hoteliers are forfeiting opportunities—and potentially revenue—by failing to offer guests the individualized experiences they are increasingly demanding, according to the research.

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