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Smart Manufacturing

Oracle's Smart Manufacturing solution helps manufacturing companies better predict and resolve maintenance requirements, correlate quality issues to machine and environmental factors, reduce downtime, and improve quality.

Key Benefits


Improve Visibility into Costs, Efficiency, and Quality Across Factories

Provide a global view to improve the 360-degree view of manufacturing operations across the world.


Monitor Production Performance and Predict Maintenance

Monitor factory efficiency to detect any unusual production behavior using predictive analytics on multiple sources of data.


Monitor Assets and Predict Failure

Provide a machine-monitoring platform to detect and predict unusual equipment behaviors and recommend the next best action to fix the anticipated failure.


Rapid Decision Making with Machine Learning

Uncover deeper operational insights through machine learning of multi-dimensional and complex data from the entire organization to arrive at better and faster decisions.

Featured Products

Internet of Things Apps

IoT Production Monitoring Cloud

Gain new data-driven insights and drive actions by connecting, analyzing, and integrating device data into your factory.

Business Analytics

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Simplify how you analyze and act on information so you can scale insights across your entire organization.

Supply Chain Management

Oracle Maintenance Cloud

Leverage advances in IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to make smarter decisions and drive efficient maintenance operations in the cloud.

Supply Chain Management

Oracle Quality Management Cloud

Take advantage of the digital thread for business transformation, from innovation to commercialization.

Supply Chain Management

Oracle Manufacturing Cloud

For a successful move to Industry 4.0., streamline your internal and external manufacturing operations and optimize real-time decisions while controlling costs and quality.

Supply Chain Management

Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud

Get better results faster, so you can stay ahead of challenges and changes in your business.

Internet of Things Apps

Internet of Things Applications

Extend your supply chain, enterprise resource planning, and customer experience applications to the physical world.

Smart Manufacturing Resources

Oracle Industrial Manufacturing Industry 4.0

Oracle Industrial Manufacturing Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is driving four transformational domains: product innovation, customer and field service, the smart factory, and value-chain visibility.

Factories of the Future are Closer than you Think

Factories of the Future are Closer than you Think

Future factories are fast becoming a competitive imperative as the adoption of advanced Manufacturing 4.0 technologies continues to drive efficiency, flexibility, customization, autonomy, and product innovation.

Adapting Manufacturing for the Digital Age

Adapting Manufacturing for the Digital Age

How prepared are you for digitization? While digitization may be creating new challenge for manufacturers, it is also providing endless opportunities.